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Untamed Wolf Pack Slot

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Untamed Wolf Pack Slot

Untamed Wolf Pack Slot specifics

Predators in their natural habitat, have you ever wondered what their habits and manners are? Playing the “Untamed Wolf Pack” slot, produced by Microgaming, you will be able to get acquainted with such wild and noble animals as wolves. Although these animals are quite strong and live in large packs, very often they face dangers that threaten their lives. These ancient animals live, mostly in the northern parts of our planet. Their lives become unbearable in captivity, so these freedom-loving creatures have chosen a huge territory which stretches for hundreds of miles.

You can easily distinguish the wolf’s howl, because this is what scares us in a dark forest, where they live and hunt, most of all. And despite the fact that these animals are good predators, do not forget about their excellent maternal instincts. The fact that she-wolf may leave her young, when she realizes that the whole family in great danger – does not mean that she leaves them forever. In the most unexpected moment, that moment when the enemy will not be aware of this, she comes back and takes her cubs. Wolves are intelligent animals. They have qualities that we should learn. Take a closer look on these magnificent lords of the forest and, by all means, get your reward for spins.

This game is notable for its excellent graphics, highly saturated colors and extremely realistic images. The whole gameplay will take place on the background of soothing landscapes of the northern forests. To learn more about the rules of the game, to discover all its privileges and to clarify details that may not be clear from the first view – see the “Info” menu on your screen. There you will find a set of symbols with wolves and its native habitat.

Special symbols

In Untamed Wolf Pack slot game, there are no ordinary lines. But, you will be offered 243 combinations that will give you a prize. Watch closely for the symbols in the game, which need to be located in a special manner that is from the left side of the screen to the right. Not only the main symbols will enlarge your score, but also some bonus ones can bring you a pleasant multiplication up to several times.

The “Wild” symbol in this slot game looks just like the logo of the game, called Untamed Wolf Pack. It will replace any symbol you will want to, but, unfortunately, except the famous Scatter. This game, also, has one unique feature: the collection of Wild symbols in the 4 drawers under the coils, and then four more spins with the symbol placed on each reel. And when you see the eye of the wolf, you will realize that you’ve finally found a Scatter symbol. It will give you a great gift that is ten free spins that will that will become available only if the symbol has appeared three – to five times. Also, this symbol can increase your bid, without much effort.

Risk game in this slot can increase your prize twice. In addition, you will be very surprised when you see how it is designed. In this game, instead of the usual cards, there is a measuring hand, which will show if you have won or not.

“Your Gamble” option

Rare slot game has the option of self-control chances of success. In this slot it is called Your Gamble. The user, who decided to play Untamed Wolf Pack slot for free or without registration, may use +/- button, that changes the value of the red sector. The smaller it is, the lower is the possibility of winning. However, the chances to succeed will be higher.

Demo game and a game for money

Not every newcomer is ready to place a bid in a slot machine immediately. That’s why “Untamed Wolf Pack” has a demo mode. Thanks to it each new player can easily feel the atmosphere of the game and become familiar with the capabilities and features of the slot.

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