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The Most Popular Casinos 2024

October 28, 2014

The Most Popular Casinos 2024

Previously, if you wanted to look at the beauty and luxury, you needed to get to the palaces belonging to kings or queens, or at least the princes. Ordinary people could not even see all this beauty. Nowadays, the largest casino is ready to argue in beauty and luxury with the palaces …

Venetian Macao (China, Macau)

The younger brother of the Vegas casino «The Venetian», was able to grow at a much larger casino than its relative. This land-based casino is the fifth largest building in the world and the world’s largest casino. It has four thematic halls – Golden Fish, Imperial House, Phoenix and Red Dragon. They occupy the area of eight average gaming establishments, as well as accommodate eight hundred gaming tables and three thousand four hundred “one-armed bandits.” However, the size of the casino Venetian Macao does not intend to break all the records of architectural structures: Corporation Las Vegas Sands (casino owner) just came on the market in order to maximize earnings.

It is not surprising that among the land-based casinos there is a sky-high competition. For this reason, all the institutions are trying to come up with something incredible, apart from the usual slot machines and tables for blackjack and roulette. The casino Venetian Macao (except some super funs, for example, a trip to the artificial canals on gondolas and Venetian subjects) has come out with a mega extravaganza Cirque du Soleil show called «Zaia». The presentation, which lasts for half an hour and talks about life, infinity and space, is performed by 75 world actors.

Every year in this casino the beauty contest “Miss Macau” and exclusive attraction The Manchester United Experience for football fans take place. This show allows a virtual visit to the football field in the form of a footballer of one of the greatest teams in the world.

Casino di Venezia (Italy, Venice)

In 1638 appeared Casino di Venezia. The building Vendramin Calergi, where the Venice Casino is situated, is much older – a luxurious palace was designed by the author of the popular church of San Zaccaria- Mauro Koduchchi in 1509.

Richard Wagner is another well-known name that has a connection to the palazzo, but this relationship is very sad, because a composer from Germany visited Venice many times, and he died in the Vendramin Calergi. Today it is a museum dedicated to the life of Wagner, his work and partly the last days of his life. This land-based casino has a project that is based on American principle. There is a huge number of gaming machines (to be precise, 400 pcs.), Roulette, Caribbean poker and blackjack, the total number of gaming sites is more than one thousand. In addition to all the above, within the walls of this institution regular showcasing of the latest innovations (developments and achievements) in the field of gambling takes place, for example, Wheel of Fortune – the nine-places American slot machine, the television game Pepo – fully automated electronic roulette, etc.

Circus Circus Casino (United States, Las Vegas)

At the beginning of October 1993 the most high-profile casino heist in history took place here: the attackers stole $ 3 000 000. The perfect crime was committed by a poet, thief and murderer Roberto Solis and his fiancee, 21-year-old Heather Tolchif.

It is in this casino during the game professional acrobats are flying over the head of the players, and at a relatively small amount of money there is a possibility to broadcast hello to Mum from a huge screen which is located above the center of the city.  

Tusk Rio Casino Resort (South Africa, Klerksdorp)

Within the walls of the ground Tusk Rio Casino you will be surrounded by real Africa: an exotic setting, a completely different culture, somewhere close to you wild elephants go.

This gambling house, which operates around the clock, offers a huge number of methods to entertain potential visitors: about three hundred of slot machines, tables for blackjack, poker, and a dozen of other card games, tournaments (including a pool game) – and all this is happening in infinite atmosphere and carefree carnival. There are, of course, entertainments for the most serious participants – exclusive salons, for the smallest clients – individual playgrounds where you can leave a child without the fear that he would be boring without a dad who loses their own funds on the slot machines.

You can belief your ears that such beauty is possible? Make sure yourselves!

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