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Craps Online Play For Free or Real Money

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Craps Online Play For Free or Real Money

Connoisseurs of online casino games are familiar with the name of the game “Craps.” The game is incredibly addictive. It is absolutely reckless and familiar to many people almost from childhood (in fact many children’s board games have such an attribute as a cube). We do not call the teens to play and strictly abide by the law. Just this game is very well known.

Craps: The history of the game

The history is rich with lots of craps game types with different rules. Initially, the goal of the game is to throw away more number of points than the opponent. Later, there were games for other purposes. In some of them the type of numbers combination became more important than the total number of points. There were unlabeled bones, but with the faces of different colors. In such games the purpose was to throw the bones of a certain color or combination of colors, and the bet was made on this.

In the history of the game it became the fact that every people played it in their own way: some people complicated the rules, other simplified, others added something new or transferred any elements from other games. For example, the ancient Greeks played two types of bone: cubes, which are similar to the modern ones, and astragalus – tetrahedron with sockets instead of layouts. The game was played using a different number of bones. Dice for games usually take 2 or 3 and 4 astragalus. Also, an essential attribute of the game was the cup from which the bones were discarded. There were two or more players who took turns throwing the dice. The player who scored the most points in the sum won.

There were different combinations named in honor of the gods, mythical heroes, etc. Similar methods were played in ancient Rome. And although this game was officially banned, it did not make it less popular. Ancient literature gives us information on how Germanic peoples play craps. In particular it should be noted the rigidity of the rules of the Germans. Different sources described cases when bone loss had caused not only the loss of the entire property, but voluntary slavery in favor of the winner. While winning and losing was accepted as the law to perform an action.

How to Play Craps?

Real table to play Craps online should be with high sides, otherwise cubes will constantly fly beyond the playing field. Virtual version visually repeats this rule. The field has a layout for the bets. The game is played with two dice. The sum of points is the result of winning.

The process of craps online consists of two parts. First, the player bets. Then, in the first part the first throw is made. It is called the Come Out Roll and it determines the Point – sum of the points (ranging from 4 to 12 except 7, 11). The second part is when the player throws the rest Point Roll.

The stake can be made to win (Pass Line), may be to lose (Don `t Pass Line), as well as other kinds of bets are also possible. You can not only bet on Come (7, 11, or Point in subsequent throws) and Don `t Come (2, 3 and 12, and in the following throws of Point at the current player).

There are certain combinations and betting in free craps which you should know if you want to play this game successfully.

It will be simple to understand the rules during the game. We invite you to play Craps! You will not be bored!

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