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Baccarat play online for free

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Baccarat play online for free

The most popular online casinos use the card game baccarat. This vintage game has a special history. In ancient times baccarat online game has been a favorite among the aristocrats who played at great bets. Today, the card game baccarat is also popular with players who play at high bets (high rollers).

The main feature of baccarat is that the rules are to be observed strictly. Despite the fact that the baccarat rules may seem too complex to a novice, they are simply to understand. The fact is that you do not have to remember all the rules even if you are a beginner. You just need to make bets and monitor the actions of the dealer before the cards are dealt.

However, if you read the rules of the card game baccarat online, it will not hurt you. Especially in the case if you are going to gamble. You need to make a casino deposit if you intend to play for real money.

Medieval card game baccarat has retained its aura of sophistication and charm to this day. Passed through the centuries, Baccarat is one of the most popular games in any online casino including such large casinos as Casino Eurogrand, Europa Casino and Winner.

Usually Baccarat uses 6 decks of 52 cards each. There are only three variants for the outcome of each round: the player wins, the banker wins or a draw.

Baccarat: Scoring rules

All numeric (2 to 9) cards are counted at their face value: nine gives 9 points, eight – 8 and so on. All images (tens are also considered as pictures) 0 points. Aces give 1 point.

The best combination of baccarat is a “straight” (only two initial cards are used) with the sum of 8 or 9 points. The appearance of this combination means the termination of the game and the immediate identification of the winner. The amount of points is determined by adding the nominal value of all the cards of a particular player. If the amount is more than 9, 10 points are deducted out of it. So, if the play has collected 15 points, it gives him only 5 points in total.

Baccarat: The game

Before starting the round the player chooses what he put his bet on: the win of the banker, the win of the player, a draw. Once the decision is made, the dealer deals two cards to the player and the banker. Next, each participant has the opportunity to buy another card (in online casino this is done automatically). The combinations are compared, points are calculated. Who has more points- won the round. But the player can get paid from the casino even if he scored fewer points. This is very important: the main objective of baccarat is to predict the outcome of the game making a bet on this event.

In all three variants of baccarat the basic bets are the following:

  • the Player Wins Bet (field – Player);
  • the Banker Wins Bet (field – Banker);
  • a draw bet (field -Tie).

Furthermore, there are several minor bets:

  • A pair of players (a player gets a pair while dealing);
  • A pair of the banker (the dealer gets a pair while dealing);
  • Any pair (any participant receives a pair while dealing);
  • Perfect Match (any participant receives a suited pair while dealing);
  • Large (the number of all the cards in a round 5 or 6);
  • Small (the number of cards in a round is 4).

Minor bets are not related to the main bets (you can combine them or use only minor stakes). The potential bonus payment for each bet is displayed directly on the table in the appropriate field.

Strategy of the game

To minimize the advantage of the casino over the player, you need to put more bets of banker winning (casino’s advantage is 1.01%). When you bet on the player’s own victory, the advantage of the casino increases to 1.29%. A draw bet is much better for the casino than for a player (casino’s advantage is 15.75%). It is important to remember that if the draw bet was not done but a draw was held, the player gets all his chips and a new round of the game.

The casino’s advantage in minor bets is very large, at the same time with some luck these bets can increase the bonus payments.

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