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Classic Roulette Online In Online Casino – Different Types And Rules

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Classic Roulette Online In Online Casino – Different Types And Rules

Roulette has always been considered the most famous game in the casino. It was invented a long time ago and since then its popularity continues: there are hundreds of those who want to play roulette daily. No wonder that today you can play roulette online, which removes all geographical and national barriers. You do not require knowledge of the language or do not need to spend money on a ticket to go somewhere if you can play in online casino where free classic roulette online is waiting for you on your computer. Online casino gives you the opportunity to play free classic roulette online in a training mode or for money. Learn the rules of electronic roulette and start winning at the casino!

The uniqueness of this opportunity is that you can try your hand and play casino roulette whenever you want. If the evening is getting boring, refresh your emotions and make the end of the day a memorable one. Just a couple of hours are quite enough to experience the whole adrenaline rush while watching the path that the ball chose. A flurry of excitement overwhelms you when it will stop at that particular number which you chose. You are the owner of your chance, so try to beat your destiny – roulette game offers you such an opportunity.

Modern game where bets are placed on black / red and odd / even numbers, was born in Paris casino. In the early 19th century the game appeared in the U.S. in American casinos and gained its popularity. Roulette can be found in all self-respecting casinos. It gives you the opportunity to try your luck and win a lot of money. Online roulette is also very popular. Playing casino online gives you the opportunity to win the jackpot. And what is more, you are able to play roulette without leaving your home.

Different types of roulette

You are offered to play different types of Roulette. Here are the main types which you can meet in any online casino on the Internet.

European Roulette is a basic version of roulette. The main difference of European online roulette is that there is an additional field on the table which is called the track. This field simulates alternating numbers on the roulette wheel and allows you to make the oral bets on “neighbors” / “sector”, etc.

French Roulette. It differs from the European variant by the appearance of its field. And there is a special rule – the “rule of prison”. If the player sets the stake at the chance, but the ball stops at “Zero” sector, the player loses only half of his/her bet! French Roulette gives the players an opportunity to make oral bets.

American Roulette differs from other types of roulette with the fact that it has no numbers 37 and 38. The 38th cell is a double zero (00), its color is green. All other features are similar to the European one.

Multi wheel European roulette uses up to 8 roulette wheels simultaneously and all the stakes are multiplied in 8 times. If you want, it is possible to disable the desired number of wheels. Likewise, it is possible to set oral bets.

Roulette Royale. It is European roulette but with a jackpot. The player bets $ 1 for the jackpot. The player will win if the ball stops on his bet twice or more times one after another. The jackpot of more than 100 thousand dollars is paid if one number wins five times successively.

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