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Attila Slot

A barbaric feeling will flood your soul once you look at this slot machine and see the armies, the axes, the tools of war and Attila himself. You will suddenly experience a wild need to pillage and plunder, as well as your blood boiling with the thought of the enormous payout amounts that can wait you and enrich your coin purse before the day is out.

On a less romantic tone though, you can certainly enjoy this slot, as it does everything right!

Attila Slot: Scatters, Poker Reels, Wilds!

There is a lot to do in the Attila Slot, since it has a lot of paying combinations regardless of the game being only a 9 pay line slot. Though you can expect some pretty advanced features like multipliers, wilds and free-spinning modes, the traditional poker symbols are there for you to play with too.

The scatter reel tile’s function that gives you free spins can be retriggered, so those free-spins can build up pretty quickly, allowing you to play during a large period of time completely free and still managing to collect the payouts. On the other hand, during this function you’ll be enjoying a multiplier, and you can check the amount of free-spins and the multiplier in this feature by glancing over the pay table in this game.

Finally, know the traditional reel tiles like the Poker reels, represented by the J, Q, K, and the other traditional symbols, can also be found here, so you’ll still have those classic combinations to make.

Attila Slot Machine’s Auto-play: He watched his army roll!

This great general loved to watch his army steamroll the enemy, and inspired on that fact we can say the Attila Slot machine really conveys his will since it has the Auto-play feature, enabling you to sit back and watch the rolls too!

Freeing up your hands is a great thing if you need to write something or have your meal while playing, you can watch the profits roll in with no active commitment on your part, however there are a lot of players that want to click those buttons and even feel not doing so will result in bad luck – for those players, rest assure you can toggle this feature between on/off as long as you want, so there’s no problem in not using it altogether.

Be sure to decide the pay lines you want to bet on and the coins you want to risk before pressing the auto-spin button, as the autos will keep on playing with the same stakes and lines you had configured when you pressed that button – and this can cause you to lose money if you fail to customize your bets right or forget to activate some lines.

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