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The Lost Island Slot

If you love pristine beaches and hidden coves, if you dream about a heavenly land explored by few and forgotten by all – then we’re glad to announce there’s a new slot machine title that may hit the spot for you.

Read about it here, in this small review, and try to assess whether this is a game worthy of your time or not.

If you don’t get pumped up after reading this, then follow on through, but make sure you at least try it once – it is something worthy of at least one try!

The Lost Island Slot Game’s Simple Treasure: A Wild Flower!

If you are playing the Lost Island slot game you’re going to notice there are a lot of jewels and trinkets to be collected, but there’s also a wild flower reel tile. That reel tile stands for the wild symbol, so it will replace the other tiles to form winning combinations. This little feature lets you know that sometimes the smallest things can represent the biggest treasures, as this reel tile is one of the most profitable ones to get in the entire game.

There’s also something unique about this wild reel tile, and it is the fact that just by getting it into the game play area in a payout win spin, you’ll be getting a x1 multiplier addiction to the pool.

To illustrate this example let’s think about you spinning and getting a winning combination. On above the winning combination you have two wild slots – well, that means your payout will be multiplied by two.

Do you see now why this simple flower can mean more than even the shiniest of trinkets?

Lost Island Slot Play: Getting Golden Trinkets for Golden Spins!

If, on the other hand, you’re more focused on shiny things and freebie opportunities, you may want to divert your look from the flowers to the golden jewel reel tiles that stand for scatter symbols.

As in many of the popular slots out there, the scatter reel tiles will yield you some free spins you can spend in order to increase your profits. Betting and collecting a huge payout is one thing, but not betting, spinning in a free way and getting an even bigger one is simply breathtaking!

The golden jewelry is the scatter reel tile here, and you’ll want to collect as many of them as possible, since these free spins will always lock down a wild tile for you, giving you an instant multiplier and more chances at profit.

Find out about the riches in this Lost Island slot by playing this addicting and thrilling slot!

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