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Iron Man 2 slot

The Iron Man 2 Slot: Instructions and Tips!

This Iron Man 2 slot themed slot machine has a lot of different features, but most of them are pretty common in today’s slots – they are features we almost take as granted, like bonuses, mini-games, wild tiles or reels and finally the elusive Scatter tiles or reels, for free spins.

Bearing this in mind, we have to let you know the bonus in this game is truly random and can be triggered at any given time; you just have to match the bonus tiles.

Of course the more lines you bet in, the more chances you’ll get at triggering the elusive bonus, and so you’ll want to keep bets up, like we mention on the next paragraph.

The Iron Man 2 Slot: Turn up your bets!

Like we previously said, the more lines you have “into play” the better your odds of matching something worthwhile. Triggering the bonus mini-game is one of the best experiences when it comes to the Iron Man 2 slot game, simply because the rewards are really great. Having this in mind you’ll want to hit these as often as possible.

There is also another tile very worth matching – the Scatter tiles, which will grant the player who matches them with 10 free spins, and they are also pretty great spins as payouts are usually very common.

In fact, free spinning can be the best route towards amassing great payout numbers.

Play The Iron Man 2 Free: Look for the Eagle!

There’s a tile or reel in the game which looks like an Eagle – and that’s one you’ll have to keep your eye out for because it stands for the Wild reel.

This reel can be any other reel in order to provide you with the best matches as possible, so it is always a great piece to have on the board.

Symbolizing the government, the eagle also stands for values like patriotism and heroism, concepts Iron Man also upholds.

Fixed Jackpot: Not Available in The Iron Man 2 Free

There’s also a fixed jackpot that will get you rich if you manage to hit it, but bear in mind you obviously can’t aim to win it if you’re playing for free – that is with play money from your demo purse.

Bear this in mind when deciding whether to play free or make an investment.

Ready to tell J.A.R.V.I.S. to spin the reels?

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