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The Incredible Hulk slot

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The Incredible Hulk slot

Marvel Universe Slots: The Incredible Hulk Slot Machine Game!

If you love the Marvel Universe then chances are you also love the green pile of rage that is the Incredible Hulk slot. If these statements are correct, then we are proud to present this slot machine, a slot that captures everything Marvel does right and shows it using it the biggest and meanest of its heroes – The Incredible Hulk slot.

If you’re looking to let out some steam, then venting your rage with this slot game might be a good option, since you’ll even get to smash some stuff up with the neat bonus game the game has as one of its key features – keep on reading if you’re interested.

Bruce is angry: Unleash the Incredible Hulk Slot!

There is rage all over the place and you can clearly see it in this game’s reels. If you look at it from an analyst perspective, you’ll see that even though the animation in this game is kept to a minimum, you have a perfect sense of dynamics and can perceive the beast’s raw power being unleashed with each smash!

Indeed, the game is not keen on animation, but it pays up with its 3D graphics and polished artwork, something we all notice.

The wild tiles are Hulk himself, and if you match them just the right way, they’ll expand and give you a bang for your buck – but there is also an interesting bonus mini-game you’ll read info about below.

Play the Incredible Hulk free: Smash helicopters and Police cars!

Matching the bonus tiles – Incredible Hulk slot logo tiles – will get you to go on a bonus spin game that will get you to smash police cars and helicopters for a great payout.

Depending on your plays, your The Incredible Hulk slot will even be able to smash a whole row of them – if he his acting under Smash Rage. You wouldn’t expect to play a game like this without having to smash now would you?

Progressive Jackpots: Yes Please!

A great little addition to the game is the fact that playing it can even yield you with tickets to the progressive jackpot, and that’s where the real money is building up, play after play after play!

You don’t have to play the game with real money though, you can actually play The Incredible Hulk free with no trouble – so if you just want to enlist for some mindless smashing with no strings attached, then this is your game.

What are you waiting for to get the green guy to smash? Start spinning right now!

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