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Gold Rally slot

Gold Rally Slot: Don’t Browse for Appearances

Do you know how when you are looking for a new slot machine to play you browse through all of the options of the casino and judge each one of them by their initial appearance? Well this might be a gamble on itself since most of the times looks can be deceiving.

This is what happens with this slot machine, Gold Rally slot, as it was designed in a way to keep it simple-looking in order to attract the more casual player that doesn’t know that much about slots and is used to the three reel model included in most of the mainstream media like movies and non-casino themed games.

This idea was part of Playtech’s marketing plan, but it hides some complexity and features you will only discover when you’re playing.

Yes this is a slot machine aiming at the casual players, but no it is not as dead-simple as it looks.

Gold Rally Slot Machine: Three or Nine Reels?

This gold rush themed slot machine game will have you looking to get some gold – meaning high payouts – and it will do so by urging you to unlock its features like scatter tiles and bonus mini-game.

First of all though, we have to clarify this seemingly 3 reel slot machine game is in fact operating on a 9 reel basis since all of the three reels spin independently of each other, mixing it up and adding more random into the mix.

The matching directions are still heavily traditional though – vertical lines, horizontal lines and diagonal lines.

However, triggering the bonus will have you matching the bonus tiles in a non-traditional way. You have to match the four bonus tiles, that is the dynamite reel, in all four corners of the slot machine’s play area.

Doing so will trigger a mini-game.

Go for the Gold Rally Free: Trigger the Bonus Mini-Game

As we wrote previously, the dynamite is the key to get you on the hunt for gold in the slot machine’s mini-game, and when you trigger it you will be prospecting for gold.

Each time you find gold your payout will increase and you’re allowed to search again, so if you’re in luck you can reach some very impressive numbers.

You only have to stop the mini-game if you fail to get the gold.

Casual Playing Gold Rally Free for Enjoyment!

What kind of casual game doesn’t give its casual user base the chance to play it all day long through giving them the chance to play for free with no money on the equation? Well, Gold Rally slot can be played free, so you can be glad to now.

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