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The Dark Knight Rises slot

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The Dark Knight Rises slot

The Dark Knight Rises slot review

In the summer 2012, all of us could enjoy fantastic film directed Christopher Nolan, “The Dark Knight Rises”. This picture was the third and final part of a Batman trilogy, a superhero of popular graphic novels from DC Comics studio. Retell the story of this remarkable thriller does not make sense – you need to watch these films in person.

Let’s not discuss this Nolan’s creation, but let’s move on to the main topic of this article – review of “The Dark Knight Rises” slot game, by Microgaming, which is based on the “The Dark Knight Rises” movie. It’s a great online video slot that will make a lasting impression.

“The Dark Knight Rises” strategies

“The Dark Knight Rises” is a video slot with 5-reels, 243 paylines. It implements the possibilities of a “Wild” symbol, a random selection determined by the spin, and the possibility to win a jackpot of $ 250.

Microgaming has released a long-awaited continuation of video slots “Batman” and “The Dark Knight.” “The Dark Knight Rises” is equipped with 5 reels, and 243 lines with a set of new features. Sizeable increase!

In the film, Batman is wearing a tight-fitting black suit, reminiscent of great bat wings. In this new slot it is even darker and more dramatic.

  Slot is as much dynamic as the film is. It implements animations and photos from the movie. Each icon is a short clip from the film, associated with a particular character. Here you will find Bane, Batman, Catwoman, Miranda, Blake and Jim Gordon. There is also a button with the image of the Black Knight, bombs and variations of a Knight: J, Q, K, A. In this video slot stunning visuals is combined with perfectly chosen soundtracks.

The game creators used music and characters from the film, in order to save the fascinating story of black knight’s journeys. “Black Knight” is a slot with 243 lines and a wide range of bids. You can make a bid starting from 0.1 and up to 7.5 dollars for every spin. It is very comfortable, because it is not easy to find such low bids in other online slot machines. You can make small or grand bid. In addition, you can play The Dark Knight Rises slot for free.

“Wild” symbol can replace any icon, except a bomb. Increasing of the wild symbol occurs when the number “3” appears on the reels, which means that you’ve get additional free spins. In the main game, Batman and Bane start when you want. Each leg or hand hit increase the number of free spins. Spins are calculated by the multiplier and appear on the screen after the explosion of three or more bombs.

Before the game starts, you have to choose a character, it can be Bane or Batman, which will bring you an extra bonuses. If you choose Bane, you will have an access to the rotating coils that will give you several wins in a row. Among these free spins you will find “Wild” symbol. Selecting Batman assumes deafening explosions, which can yield additional benefits.

Free Spins are displayed on the secondary screen and you can choose the character that will be considered “Wild” and will allow you to replace icons in order to achieve goals. “Fight” symbol is another function which occurs randomly and can give you a winning combination.

Amazing graphics, great tracks make an exciting slot game. The Dark Knight Rises slot is, without exaggeration, amazing slot machine that has incredible features and great graphics. It is able to captivate the user for a long time, even in training mode, not to mention the game for money. Each game feature of “The Dark Knight Rises” slot is carefully thought out and very interesting, so we recommend to try them all.

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