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Starburst Slot

Some thirty years ago, slots were beginning to spread in mass throughout the globe and retro-styled gamblers would spend all of their savings into those devices.

Now, with smarter gamblers, professional slot players and online video slots to play from the comfort of our homes, the gambling scenario in the slots niche is becoming increasingly interesting.

NetEnt wanted to create a tribute to the eighties when developing this slot game, and if you play it you can decide for yourself whether they failed or succeeded in doing so.

Starburst Slot: Shatter the Mirror Ball!

There are so many chances of getting profitable when playing the Starburst Slot machine you can even break your home furniture just by jumping around in excitement!

If you think this is a hyperbole then you surely don’t know how big the jackpots and payouts can be in this game.

First, consider the average return on investment for players of this slot game are a respectable ninety six percent – one of the industry’s largest profitability rates – and then consider the fact that there are several betting levels and you can spend $100 on a single roll!

Now, imagine hitting one of the highest paying combinations when you made a bet of $100 and you’ll surely understand just how powerful wins can be in this game – and you’ll sure feel the greed pique your interest about this particular title.

Get the Classic feel with a Modern Taste: It’s the Starburst Slot!

When things look classy and taste fresh then it means the ones who made it sure knew what they were doing. This seems to be the case with NetEnt and the Starburst Slot machine game and we’ll discuss why below.

First things first, back in the eighties there were no such things as mass global online casinos, and let’s not get started on video slots since those were as rare as online gamblers.

You can imagine the few video slots in existence to be a bit bland and boring if you consider how the industry is today.

NetEnt revamped the classic slots by grabbing their positive aspects (game play, mechanics and so on) and discarding the worst in them (looks, sound, and lack of advanced features). So, what you can expect to find is a highly attractive game, full of amazing sound effects and artwork that will make you drool.

If you like how the classic slots were organized and their essence but you want to get a relevant experience, try this concept as it never fails to surprise even the most seasoned and demanding gambler.

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