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Safari Madness slot

Enter the Wildlife Slot Safari

Safari Madness slot brings the Safari to you. Net Entertainment created this video slot for your enjoyment – read more here!

So you are a wildlife lover and you’re looking for a slot machine whose theme can immerse you into a jungle or savannah experience? Well, look no further than the Safari Madness slot, a slot that will bring the wild into your own living room – or wherever you play it!

Safari Madness Slot Tip: Bet Max. – It is only £12.80

Seasoned Safari Madness slot machine players know that the best way to reek in profits consistently is to always bet on every pay line, so they usually spin by using the “bet max.” button. Well, the game consists of nine reels and eight pay lines, so if you bet in all of these eight lines with the maximum amount of coins it will amount to £12.80.

There are more expensive slot machines out there, and even though this one is low stakes, this value can scare some casual players away, and that’s why this slot machine offers free play in order for people to see how profitable and fun it is. On the other hand, you may be amazed we wrote it is a nine reel slot machine even though in the zoom out image or thumbnails you can clearly see a three reel slot – and we’ll explain below.

Play the Safari Madness Slot the Right Way: Choose each bet amount and pay line carefully

You see, the reels in this slot machine spin independently, so even though looking at it can show you a classical three reel model, the tiles spinning independently make it actually work on a nine reel basis.

This adds some complexity and novelty value to the mix, and together with the interesting images and artwork you are going to enjoy it pretty much.

Now, adding some fun to the mix is pretty easy, just bet varying amounts of coins in different pay lines each time and you’ll be spicing up the game quite a bit.

If you wish for some fearless fun: Try Safari Madness Free

Now, consider the fact that the betting amount can scare some players away at first and you’ll know just what went through Net Entertainment’s mind to create this feature – it enables even the shyest of players to enjoy what Safari Madness has to offer.

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