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Rocky Slot

Rocky Slot Rules: Scatter and Bonus Games

The rules are pretty simple – keep the reels rolling and stuff will happen! Funny things apart, there are a lot of different features in Rocky’s game, but most of them are things that happen in close to all slot machine games, regardless of their theme.

We have bonuses and scatter tiles on the reels. Starting by the scatter tiles, if you hit two of them in the same play then you get your betting money back – but if you happen to hit 3 or more and you have that line covered then you’ll trigger a multiplier and a number of free spins, so not only will you earn more with each payout thanks to the multiplier, you’ll actually not be paying for the moves at all, making it a pretty profitable roll.

On the other hand you also have a bonus game, and the way it gets triggered is by getting a white and a red glove on the first and last reel of the game.

The mini-game triggered by the bonus is pretty funny and thrilling, and we wrote about it on the next paragraph.

The Rocky Slot Game: Mini-Game that Packs a Punch:

When a bonus game is triggered, Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky slot enters the ring to fight his long-time rivals – no need to introduce them as true Rocky fans will know them by sight!

If you manage to last 10 rounds, you get a knockout and a knocked out bonus that will make your eyes shine!

A golden experience and a really generous profit possibility that will get you to shiver in anticipation.

Don’t hang your gloves: Play Rocky Free

Never quit, never forgive, never surrender! If you have the fighting spirit in you, then grab your gloves and keep those reels rolling.

You can know play indefinitely and virtually forever since you won’t spend a dime doing so – the game can be played for free and that makes the delight of casual players.

Jump on the Rocky Free Bandwagon: Casual Players are already doing it!

As we previously stated, casual players love being able to play for free, and so they literally flood Rocky slot machine in order to play and enjoy this work of casino gaming art.

Are you ready to get on the trendy bandwagon and join the thousands of players already rolling? If so, jump on the slot and have fun!/

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