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Retro Reels slot

Retro Reels slot features, bonuses and symbols

Retro is becoming more and more fashionable these days. Retro design permeates all modern and high-tech products, which, due to its recent history, do not even have their own vintage pieces. We can’t say the same about the industry of slot machines. The history of gambling machines is very impressive, with centuries of tradition. And we can cay it not only about external manifestations in the form of a streamlined metal housing or classical symbol sets with fruit fillings, but also about fairly simple rules.

Retro Reels: General description:

Retro Reels slot is a five-reel, not progressive video slot machine from Microgaming with 20 paylines. The game includes a multiplier, “scatter” symbols and free spins. The maximum possible size of the jackpot is $ 10,000. Play “Retro Reels” for free and without registration. It will allow you to understand all the intricacies of the gameplay. You can also download a “Retro Reels” slot for free, and play offline.


In this case, the simplicity of the design is not only an artistic technique, but also an adherence to tradition. Since that time when American slot machines had to give any prize to players, this prize was an inexpensive chewing gum. And the filler of this unpretentious prize was denoted by symbols of the slot. Therefore, the symbols of “Retro Reels” slot game contain plum, lemon and a couple of cherries. Among the other symbols you will find simple and recognizable symbol of the American dollar and the number “seven” in three different colors: blue, red and white. As well as in the classic slot machines there is the inscription “bar”, as well as double and triple “bar”.


The maximum payout can reach $ 10,000. There is no jackpot in the game.


Retro minimalism, presented in a set of game symbols has also organically affected other details of the interface. Keypad resembles rounded keys on the vintage chrome gaming machines. Bid indicator looks like the coin changer and the reels are drowned in metal boxes. Title of the video slot is like a small neon sign that is also written with vintage letters. Separate details and the “Retro Reels” slot in general, fully justify the idea and make you feel like playing vintage gaming machine.

Chrome interface enliven numbers of payment lines, which are located on the both sides of the slot machine. Bright colors well attract attention, pointing on lines that receive prizes in the game.

The “Retro Reels” functional is represented by the following buttons:

  • Auto play – Automatic Game (5/10 spins);
  • Lines – Enables paylines;
  • Coins – the number of coins per line;
  • Bet Max – the maximum bid;
  • Spin – spin the reels.

It should be noted that a compact and proper placement of all components in the video slot machine play great importance. Ergonomics is an important feature that has to be taken into account by developers. Such thing like simple interface of the slot machine plays very important role, because it affects, whether the visitor will return to the game.


This slot machine looks great, and although the game does not have many features, its interface hypnotizes. Despite the small number of options available in the game, there is still a bonus game (free spins), multiplier and respins. If during the free spins, you will win free spins again, the first option will not disappear, and the benefits will be multiplied. Additional spins will be added to the previous ones, and the game will continue. This increases the players’ payoffs and the popularity of the Retro Reels slot online.

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