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Red Flag Fleet Slot

This 6 reeled slot machine game doesn’t fit the Pirates of the Caribbean theme we mostly see when we’re talking about pirate-themed slots, but it really depicts another kind of Pirate, the Asian pirate and their wood and paper boats.

Don’t let this small difference fool you though, as these pirates can be as ruffians as their Caribbean counterparts. On the other hand, their theme is in no way inferior when it comes to plunder or gratuitous violence.

Learn more about this thrilling slot by continuing your read.

Red Flag Fleet Slot Reel Tile: It’s the Wild Flag!

If you start playing the Red Flag Fleet slot game you’ll instantly know the Wild reel tile, you just need to see the slot’s logo. On the other hand, there are a whole lot of other different tiles you can match to pack some profit on winning combinations.

As mentioned above, the slot’s logo acts as a wild tile, so it replaces any other symbol reel tile in order to give you the best odds of forming a winning combination – and it can even make multiple combinations possible if you bet on more than one pay line and the lines overlap the symbol.

On the other hand, there are a lot of other reel tiles to play with, and they all pack a lot of power in terms of payout, but another one to look at is the pirate ship, which stands for the scatter symbol in this slot game.

The Scatter on the Red Flag Fleet Slot Machine:

There are a lot of free spins and multipliers to be had in this addicting little slot, and collecting the scatter symbols the Red Flag Fleet slot has to offer is one of the best ways to do so.

Let us just give you a quick pointer in what it comes to free-spinning with this game: If you manage to collect three pirate ships, you’re bound to get five free spins, but if you manage to hit four scatters then another 8 free spins are added for a total of 12 – and they even throw in a x10 multiplier on top of that.

Carrying this into the extreme, we have to payout of hitting five pirate ships, and that payout is of forty (yes, 40!) free spins and a x50 multiplier – how is that for spending money?

If you’re ready to tackle the Indic Ocean with your Asian themed pirate ship slot, then jump to the seas, guide the vessel and hit the jackpot with this addicting game.

Collecting enough scatters can really buy you a new ship – a real one at that!

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