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Pirates Gold slot

Pirates Gold: Double Bonus, Double Fun

If you love those amazing mini-games some slot machines have, you’re going to love this pirate-themed one! Read more here.

Pirates Gold slot were always a cool bunch – they plunder for treasure and they care about nothing but their coins. Slot machine players have caring for their coins as a common passion between them and pirates, and so it is no wonder pirate-themed slots are so well received.

Pirates Gold Slot Bonus 1: Sink them Ships!

Enter the first bonus level by matching the scatter symbols. These scatter symbols are pirate coins and they’ll be the ones to send you on pursuit of some epic booty.

The first bonus level involves sinking other pirate ships, and you’ll be controlling your own ship’s cannons to do so. Sink the ships for amazing multipliers who surpass x10 by far – unless you aren’t in luck and just capture that base one. However, Pirates Gold slot legend has it that if you sink the right ship, a gold key will drop and you’ll unlock the second mini-game.

Pirates Gold Slot Bonus 2: Open the Treasure Chest!

As previously stated, if you manage to sink the ship containing the golden key, you’ll be able to proceed to the next bonus game, a game that involves opening treasure chests.

The key you just collected will be given to a parrot, and you’ll be in control of the bird as it flies to open the chest of your choice.

You can unveil different multipliers, and if you open the right chest your initial bet will be multiplied by x1000 – yes, it’s a one thousand bet multiplier!

With bonuses and payouts like these, the theme is complete because you’ll really feel like you’re stealing from the casino owners.

Play Pirates Gold Free and explore both the bonus mini-games:

If this description left your mouth watering but you want to explore the games and their potential first, then you’ll be glad you can do so for absolutely no cash at all – keep your coins and just take whatever fun and exploration info you need. Plundering the high seas must have been fun, but it sure doesn’t beat the fun you’ll have by playing Pirates Gold.

If you want to explore even further or if you don’t wish to bet – play Pirates Gold free:

The game is beautiful and highly immersive, you’ll be looking at a slot machine whose five reels seem to be incrusted in the hardy wood a boat is made of, and a pirate is overlooking on the background. The reels are gorgeous and well worked on, the mini-games are fun and add a lot of novelty and the experience is rich and rewarding – and that’s why you must play this game, even if for free.

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