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Mega Joker slot

Mega Joker Brings Fun to Casual Play!

The Mega Joker slot machine has a low betting limit, and this together with its nature makes it an ideal machine to chill out with.

There’s a classic slot game with a very low betting limit that is ideal for the newbie player and the casual market as well. We’re talking about Mega Joker, the slot machine with low stakes you can also play free.

The Mega Joker Slot and its Supermeter Option:

If you want to play the Mega Joker slot machine then you have to know about the Supermeter option it will present you with.

If you look at the Mega Joker slot play area you’ll see that there’s more than one slot there, there are two.

This happens because the game has a regular slot and a supermeter slot. The regular slot is the one you’ll spin normally in order to get a payout while the supermeter slot is a slot you’ll only spin if you want to gamble your payouts from the slot beneath it.

It works like a gambling option, giving you the opportunity to put your payout on the line in order to get more profit out of it – and whether to do it or not is entirely your choice.

You can win big with the Mega Joker slot machine’s Progressive Jackpot:

Even though this slot machine is aimed at low end players and is a low stakes machine, you can still earn big with it, and one of the major ways to do it is through the progressive jackpot functionality it offers.

The jackpot will accumulate as players play the machine and will keep on rising until a lucky guy wins it – will you be that guy or will you just keep adding to the pool?

There’s only one way to find out.

Low betting is not enough? Play Mega Joker Free:

If the low stakes are still too high for you, or if you wish there would be no stakes at all for you to enjoy the game itself, then you’ll be glad to know Mega Joker is also available free and you can play as long as you want without spending a single cent on it.

This is part of what makes Mega Joker such an addictive title for the newbie player and casual player alike – and you’ll be definitely glad you found it when you just want to spin a few ones for fun and giggles.

Mega Joker Free Play: The Free Dime Picker!

Mega Joker is, due to its very low betting amounts, a dime picker at heart – but a free dime picker is something fresh, so kudos to Net Entertainment for having created this amazing online slot machine game.

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