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Ho-Ho-Ho Slot

Remember the Christmas spirit with Ho-Ho-Ho slot machine

What do you think what the theme of the slot with such a funny name may be? I think it is not difficult to guess, even for a child. We all know that this laughter is a trademark of Santa Claus, so, the subject is Christmas, respectively. Indeed, the “Ho-Ho-Ho” is a slot that any moment will give us a holiday. And it doesn’t matter whether it is winter or summer outside, every time you start playing this slot machine, at least for an hour your soul will be filled with the spirit of Christmas.

Just remember some of the good old Christmas movies that charge us with the New Year positive for a long time. And do not think that now we are going to talk about movies or something like that. We have just tried to describe what you will feel when you start to play Ho-Ho-Ho slot online.

As you might have already guessed, the developer of this gaming machine is a world famous company called Microgaming. Have you heard about it? If you are playing online slots not for the first time, you probably know. These guys create truly great game machines. The “Ho-Ho-Ho” slot is a clear confirmation. The graphics is excellent, the music is cool, the Christmas spirit is obvious. The main thing is that all this is so fun and easy. In addition to a fun story, slot boasts high payouts and many other things, which we will try to briefly describe in the following paragraphs.

“Ho-Ho-Ho” strategies

First, let’s talk about the structure of this slot. Slot machine “Ho-Ho-Ho” has quite common characteristics: five reels and fifteen playlines. It seems that this is a standard set of functions available n most gaming slots. Number of winning combinations is 32. Here you can hardly play for high stakes, because the maximum bet here is only fifty cents. In defense of the slot we can add that it is a great online slot for those players who do not have great finances, but only start their way across the expanses of gambling fields.

Among the symbols you’ll find Santa Claus, Christmas trees, reindeer, sleigh, turkey, pudding, different kinds of gifts and sweets. These signs directly concern the main theme of the slot. The developers decided to use the main Christmas symbols and associations with this great and wonderful holiday. “Wild” symbol in Ho-Ho-Ho slot machine is, of course, Santa Claus. Its mission is to replace other symbols in order to collect a winning combination. For five wild symbols on one line you will get no more and no less then the jackpot!

Scatter symbol is a gift icon. After seeing three such characters on the screen you will get 20 free spins. Each winning at these spins will be doubled. In this game you do not get any restrictions. But what is even more important, is that you will not spend even a dime.

Of course, the “Ho-Ho-Ho” slot game would be less interesting without the risk game. Rules in such games are often similar. After each successful spin, it is possible to double the reward. Click the appropriate button, and rely on your luck. If you’re lucky with guessing the color of the card – take you reward, no – say goodbye to it.

Jackpot will definitely please you, because its size reaches fifteen thousand coins. You will also be pleased by music, graphics, visualization and frequent wins. Do not be afraid to take risks. Try to play the risk game from time to time. Free spins will bring you more wins.

If outside is the summer and the sun is shining, give yourself a few hours of Christmas cool and cheerful mood. Actually, it does not matter what time of year it is now, if you want to plunge into the winter, do it with the help of the “Ho-Ho-Ho” gaming machine.

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