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Crazy Monkey Slot

There are a lot of different themes to enjoy when it comes to playing on online casinos or their bricks and mortar counterparts. One of the richest games in theme variety is, of course, slot games.

When it comes to niche and theme popularity, the wildlife theme is a long time favorite, and that’s why Novomatic had to introduce this wildlife slot into our lives.

The looks of it are pretty simple, and there’s no nonsense when it comes to its mechanics and how the game rolls per se – the developers keep it simple and capitalize on what works instead.

Another thing to note before we continue further is that this slot has one of the highest pay rates in the industry, and returns close to 96% of the money players put in – and this is, of course, only an average.

About the Crazy Monkey Slot

There are a few things you should do in order to start playing the Crazy Monkey slot machine game. For starters, there is the simple stuff you have to set up prior to playing, like choosing the pay lines you want to bet on and choosing your stakes or bet amount per play.

Of course the more lines you bet on the higher are your profitability chances, so if you want to make sure you are set up for the win then press the “Max Bet” button in order to automatically get the reels spinning with all of the lines with a bet on them.

However, if you want to get some extra adrenaline from the game by betting only in one or two lines, you can also choose to do so.

The Crazy Monkey Slot Machine’s Gambling Feature:

Novomatic does it again with the Crazy Monkey slot machine and introduces the gambling feature one more time.

There are a lot of machines by this developer with this function, and the reason on why it is there is because it simply works and is a lot of fun.

Basically, if you get a matching combination that yields you a payout – no matter the amount – you are given a choice to gamble it or keep it. If you choose to keep it nothing happens, but if you choose to gamble it then you get to a new scenario where you will have to pick one of four cards in order to beat a fifth card that is face up – if you manage to do it, then you’ll increase your profits substantially, but fail to pick right and you obviously walk away empty-handed.

There’s also a bonus mini-game to be unlocked, but we’ll leave it for you to discover.

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