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Untamed Bengal Tiger slot

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Untamed Bengal Tiger slot

New Untamed Bengal Tiger slot

This new game is a 5 reel video slot with 243 prize combinations. The theme of this new gaming machine, “Untamed Bengal Tiger”, is a wild and wonderful world of the jungle, where the host is a Bengal tiger.

“Untamed bengal Tiger” strategies

The game has “Scatter” symbols (cells with the image of a bengal tiger eye) and replacing “Wild” symbols (cells containing the inscription «Untamed bengal Tiger»). “Scatter” symbols (“Eye of the Tiger”) are special: they cast on the adjacent cells of the drum (upper and lower) special arrowheads that during the game can launch a special function, namely “Lucky Nudge”.

New “Untamed bengal Tiger” slot has as many as 4 special functions that are patented by Microgaming for their slot machines. Three of these special gaming functions are brand new (Lucky Nudge, Collect-A-Wild, Your Gamble).

At the same time falling out If 3, 4 or 5 Scatter-symbols (“Eye of the Tiger”) appear on the reel of the slot machine, bonus game with 20 free spins starts. Another piece of news is that it is not necessary that all Scatter-symbols (“Eye of the Tiger”) are fully visible on the reels of the slot. It is enough to be visible for 2 Scatter-symbols, and the third one may only be seen with the directional arrows at the top or bottom of the reels. This ability to get free spins is provided by a new special gameplay feature “Lucky Nudge”. You will see, that the “Lucky Nudge” function available in the Untamed Bengal Tiger slot game allows players to increase their chances to start the bonus game with “Free spins”.

During the free spins, already familiar for slot players, special function Trailing Wilds is also available. It expands the Wild-symbol on the next cell down on the reels during the next free spin. At the same time, “Wild” symbols on the reels do not shift. As you can imagine, this is a successful scenario that increases the player’s reward.

Playing the Untamed bengal Tiger slot online, you may notice a special window under each of 5 reels, that are divided into 4 cells. If the “Wild” symbol will appear on one of 5 reels, one of these four cells, placed under the corresponding reel, fills. When all four cells are filled, this reel turns into extended “Wild” symbol, which covers all three cells at one reel, for the next 4 spins.

This feature of the game is provided by a new special function called “Collect-A-Wild”. But, probably, the most interesting and useful new feature in “Untamed bengal Tiger” is a special feature called “Your Gamble”, which allows players to manage their chances of winning after each successful spin.

You can run this special function by clicking the “PLAY” button (it appears during the game above “Spin” button, if the current spin was successful). This launches a special game screen in the form of a circle with an arrow that looks like a map of the world divided into two sectors: RED (loss bid) and GREEN (the winning bid). With the help of “+” and “-” signs the player can increase or decrease the red sector, accordingly increasing or decreasing the value of the payout: the smaller the red zone, the higher the player’s chances of winning are, but, the amount of the payout will also be proportionally reduced. After all, everything is simple – if the arrow stops in the green zone – the player wins, if in the red one – player lose. This special game mode may repeat many times, increasing the reward and the each next bid with each rotation.

You just need to start playing “Untamed bengal Tiger” and you will definitely enjoy it.

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