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Columbus Deluxe Slot

The Era in which we Europeans thought they were alone in the World was pretty exciting, as new areas of the map were being added frequently and courageous men would jump forward in their quests to discover more and more about the globe once all thought was flat.

Grabbing this unique time period, this game’s developers made sure the slot would convey the same feeling to the players, and would make them discover a fun new world within the slot machine’s niche!

A Rich Slot with a strong Theme: The Columbus Deluxe Slot!

The theme of the Columbus Deluxe Slot is quite obviously that of the navigators when the old continent was “discovering” the new world, and as such you can expect to be immersed in that Era throughout the game.

The reel tiles are pretty uniquely designed and the sounds were thought off to make sure you don’t have to mute them, as they are not aggressive and all “bleep bleep” as in many older slots, which caused you to fracture your finger hitting that mute button like crazy. On the other hand, the functions are also in line with what you’ll expect from this game studio, and they are still pretty classic looking because Poker Symbols can still be found in this slot and the special tiles are still the classic wild and scatter reel tiles, making this game fairly easy to understand and play, even for the newbie gambler.

Columbus Deluxe Slot: Take a Gamble! Risk it!

There are a lot of ways to ensure your payouts grow when you’re on the Columbus Deluxe Slot game, and one of them is by gambling your payouts, doubling them before saving them away in your coin purse.

This is a great feature for risk lovers, but even moderate players will definitely give it a hit once or twice since it is insanely fun and, with some combinations, totally worth it. The game is pretty simple, you’ll have to guess the color of a face down card having as base some cards that are already flipped. If you guess correctly then you get double of what you risked.

Bear in mind the amount you risk here is the amount of the payout you got during your last play.

If you’re on a free-spin roll, the card can also be a wild card, ensuring you win no matter what you chose – so this gambling feature can be a great ally during free-spins.

Set sail and start profiting!

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