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Tomb Raider slot

Tomb Raider slot video game

Archaeologists do not always look like researchers with a harmless flashlights and thick books in their backpacks. Sometimes they look very different, just as Lara Croft, young and beautiful woman who filled her life with the ancient mysteries and excavations. She does not look like the cheer leader or like other cute romantic girls. Sudden turnaround of events forced her to take up arms and to learn martial arts. Each item from the distant past is of a great value and can bring unlimited power to certain people, so Lara Croft have to fend off dozens of armed men on her own. In order to help this woman and to give all found treasures to a genuine scientists, but not speculators, you need to play a Tomb Raider slot machine, presented to your attention by Microgaming.

A real battle will star on 5 reels and 15 lines, but players will not have to fight. You will need to make careful spins, collecting issued symbol combinations, until Lara destroys unexpected opponents one by one. Only by combining forces, you can manage to come out alive from this terrible battle, which can take away the life of members of the expedition at any moment.

Features of “Tomb Raider” slot game

Exploring ancient caves and tombs, few people can do without special features and accessories that will help to calm down zombies and finally find ancient artifacts. In “Tomb Rider” such “helpers” are “Wild” symbol and a “Scatter” symbol. First one, besides the fact that it represents the image of this video slot, it is also a universal symbol that replaces any standard one. Its appearance always means that an incomplete combination will be completed. This provides players with cash prizes at the most unexpected moments. “Scatter” symbol, in turn, is able to come together from different reels and lines. These ”Scatter” features are extremely beneficial for players, because the symbol with such features is so easy to put together!

Bonus game in “Tomb Raider”

The famous Tomb Raider, Lara Croft travels to dangerous places with only one purpose – to find an ancient totem. This figure is the key to the bonus game, and it opens for players real treasure mountains. After collecting figures in the same line, the participants appear in a dark tomb, where they need to select the correct idols statues. Only the most intuitive guests of this virtual kingdom can find all the treasures ​​of the ancient pharaohs, because only lucky adventurers successfully identify the most valuable figures and help Lara Croft to reach her goal. However, the ultimate goal worth all the effort and hard work!

Wins and bids conditions.

Modern video slots are good because they allow you to win a large sum of money that will change your life for the better, even after making small bids. Choose the value of coins from $ 0.05 to $ 5.00 and place up to five coins per each line. Each of coins will activate a new line of payments, so the more you bid, the more chances you have to win. “Tomb Raider” also offers up to 7,500 coins or $ 37,500 in an ordinary game. In order to win a jackpot, you need to collect five “Wild” symbols with the Tomb Raider slot logo on an active payline. Among the other winning combinations (there are exactly 31 winning combinations), there are, for example, combination of five symbols with the image of Lara Croft and five gadgets, which ensures the reward of 500 coins, or symbols depicting crouching tiger, providing a prize of 250 coins.

Get not only fun but also serious money playing “Tomb Raider” online and other great slots from Microgaming!

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