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Pharaoh’s Gold 3 Slot

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Pharaoh’s Gold 3 Slot

There are some things that spell money and fortune, and some of those things are always inspiring slot games and game developers throughout the globe. Two themes that are typically described as prosperity inducing are Pirate themes and ancient Egyptian themes, and this second setting is what this slot game is all about.

Indeed, we all see Ancient Egypt as the land where pharaohs were always hiding away their riches with them in their tombs in order to use the wealth in the after-life.

Now you have a shot at pilfering part of that wealth in this addicting game, learn all about it here!

Check the Pharaoh’s Gold 3 Slot’s Sarcophagus: You’ll be glad you did it!

What happens here is if you match a winning combination of the Sarcophagus in Pharaoh’s Gold 3 slot, then you are sitting upon a hefty payout!

The highest paying reel tile here is the Tutankhamen’s sarcophagus, or better yet, the Sarcophagus’s face!

This symbol, however, doubles as a wild symbol or any other symbol on the game since the reel tile works as a joker in one of those card games – this means that you’ll have your chances of getting a match increased by a lot!

One of the best ways to earn is by matching wild symbols, and that is right, but there are more ways to score huge payouts in this ancient Egyptian themed game and below we’ll discuss another heavy contender for the title of best match of this golden title.

The Pharaoh’s Gold 3 Slot and It’s Free Spins: Catch those Hieroglyphs!

There’s a hieroglyph on the game that looks like an eye, and we’re sure you are used to seeing it throughout documentaries or ancient Egypt themed stuff. In the Pharaoh’s Gold 3 slot game, this symbol stands for the scatter reel and you’ll want to collect it as many times as possible in order to get the free spins you deserve!

This slot game is a sequel to other two ancient Egypt themed titles of the same name, and if you compare those and this one you’ll notice that not a lot changed – the essence is the same, but the graphics and all of the artwork and sound was improved!

If you were a fan of the previous titles and you still didn’t try this one, then we urge you to try it since you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

You’ll get the same feeling but a lot more of eye candy, so it’s definitely worth a shot.

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