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Money Game Slot

Envision the marvels of endless piles of green dollar bill and a mouth-watering waterfall of coins filling in your coin purse and spilling to the sides – ah! This is the vision of prosperity and its essence is desire itself.

If you love this ambition and desire theme, then you’ll love this amazing slot machine game, as it depicts it quite well and immerses you in a world where luck will align itself with your destiny in order to provide you with a hell of a jackpot!

The Money Game Slot and The Man!

If you love wild cards and wild symbols, then you’re going to love “the man”. The man is the reel tile symbol that stands for any other symbol in the money game slot machine, and you’re going to want to collect as much of them as you can, since this wild tile will enhance your chances at scoring a big payout and will give you an unbelievable amount of credits if you manage to match five of them.

There are also a lot of other tiles to be matched, and you mostly have to match at least three of them to get a reward, though the scatter symbol can earn you a payout starting with a pair matched successfully.

Everyone loves Dollar Signs: Especially in the Money Game Slot!

In the Money Game Slot, you’re going to be able to enjoy free spins throughout the matching combination of the “dollar sign” reel tile.

Indeed the dollar sign marks the spot, the spot where some freebie spins can be had and the spot that has the potential to make or break a game.

Through these free spins you can turn the tides of bad luck or empower your good vibes in order to reach even higher – these will keep on giving you payouts and you’re betting nothing, how sweet is that?

Regardless of the scatter symbols and of “the man” wild reel tiles, you’re going to have a good time since there are a lot of other tiles with the potential to turn the numbers in your favor.

When you are ready to play, decide on what lines you want to bet in and how many coins you want to invest in each bet in order to decide what your play style will be made of.

After all is said and done, you only have one way to make it big – and that is to have lady luck as an ally.

Do you feel lucky? Or do you want to play it safe and keep the stakes at a minimum? Your call, your profits, your fun!

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As well as being the most profitable symbol, the winking businessman is the game's wild card. As such, he will sit in for other game symbols to make sinning sequences. Whenever he does this, he will show his worth by doubling the win that is normally associated to the replaced symbol.
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