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Fruit Cocktail Slot

When Classic Slots meet Modern Design: Fruit Cocktail Slot!

This slot machine game is a simple fruit themed machine that may remind you of the classic slot of the same theme. However, it will also keep you hooked since it grabbed all that simplicity and turned it around with an amazing artwork and sound effects that will keep you coming back to get another spin.

The Fruit Cocktail slot machine game has 9 pay lines and 5 different reels to play with, and a vast array of betting choices you must take if you want to get the best bang for your buck.

However, a good rule of thumb is that the odds are increased if you always opt to “Max Bet” your way into the game.

The Fruit Cocktail Slot Experience: Gamble it or Keep it?

The Fruit Cocktail slot game also has a gambling feature that will surely make or break a good earning spree. We’re talking about the “beat the dealer” kind of game you get when you decide to wager your payout money.

If you decide to gamble with your earnings, a dealer will flip a card and you will need to get a card that beats that first card in order to double your money – what’s even better is that you can do this as long as you want or until you lose, thus making this feature a pretty nice addition to the slot.

The strawberry reel tile is what triggers a bonus game that will take you towards another slot (a slot machine game inside another) and will provide you with the opportunity to earn even more money out of your bet – so you should definitely be on the lookout for it.

So, if you like the classic games that keep it simple and yet get a rebrand with nice new graphics and modern day sounds, you’re going to love this game to pieces since it manages to do everything right while keeping it real and classy.

Try it for yourself to discover whether this is the game for you or not – you won’t regret it and there are a lot of chances of you coming out richer than before.

We only have left to say that this game is made by Novomatic, a game development studio based in Austria, Europe.

They always have a knack for classic titles and this one just shows you how they revamp them while still keeping them simple, fun and insanely addicting.

Try it yourself and ramp up those earnings.

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