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Slot Type:
Video slot
Min Coins Size:
Max Coins Size:
4000 coins
Dolphin Cash slot

Dolphin Cash is Flipping Amazing: Aquatic Thrill!

There’s a new slot machine game named Dolphin Cash, and it has the potential to feed you with good payouts. Know more here!

Dolphin Cash slot is here and it seems it is here to stay, or so players demand it due to the game’s growing popularity – know more about this amazing slot machine be reading this small article.

Dolphin Cash Slot Events: Controlling the Hero and Netting Rewards!

There are a lot of ways to get a huge payout with Dolphin Cash slot, and many of them involve getting the reels to roll in the right places – as obviously as that may be since we are talking about a game of slots.

One of the most gratifying ways is to match two scatter symbols or to trigger a bonus mini-game.

The mini-game stands on its own, providing you with a lot of novelty and a fresh experience to spice everything up. On the other hand, the scatter symbols – you must be familiar with these since most slots have them – will provide you with a multiplier and with free spins.

Rolling free spins is one of the best ways to profit, since you won’t be betting a thing and you will even earn more than when playing normally due to the multiplier.

Beneath we will explain how the mini-game we spoke about works.

The Dolphin Cash Slot Bonus Game: Catch Coins and Get the Payouts!

When you trigger a mini-game bonus, you’ll be given the control of the Dolphin who stars in this game to try and catch some coins that symbolize amazing payouts.

If you fail to do so, then tough luck, but if you manage to pick them up – well then, an amazing coin bonus is going your way, a huge bonus with your name on it.

This element adds a lot of fun to the game and provides you with a little break from the main action, as well as with some well appreciated inflated payouts.

You definitely have to try it!

Guaranteed Wilds, Extra Wins and More: The Fifth Reel!

Finally, a new element has been added that involves the last reel – some symbols will expand to other reels or stay in game for a certain period of time if you manage to land them on the fifth wheel.

This is yet another element that keeps the novelty up.

Take a Ride on Dolphin Cash Free:

That’s right, even casual players have the chance to feel the thrill of playing Dolphin Cash, as you can do it without fear and while keeping your budget intact.

Don’t think it’s boring just because the profits aren’t real – remember the threat isn’t either and it’s all fun and games.

Join the Dolphin Cash Free Experience Today!

Players Comment 1 Comment
Yes, dolphins are amazing and fantastic animals, especially if they bring money. And the slot machine “Dolphin Cash” is not an exception, it can be played by everyone since there are various bets. But of course, the main rule is - the higher the bet, the greater the gain. I wish you all a successful play for money with a dolphin.
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