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The first $3.3 million jackpot at Bally’s interstate progressive slot

March 27, 2015

The first $3.3 million jackpot at Bally’s interstate progressive slot

The well-known company in the sphere of gambling entertainment services, the company Scientific Games Corporation, pleasantly surprised the public with its new $3.3 million jackpot won in its Bally interstate wide-area progressive slot link.

Massachusetts’ gambler, his name is kept in secret, became a fortunate winner of as much as $3,331,684.47 in Hot Shot Progressive® Video Slot at ARIA Resort & Casino on the Las Vegas Strip. He tried his luck for an hour with one cent bets. The company informs that this is the third time in the history of the Bally brand during the 83 years that so much money found its owner. Prior to this, in 2009 a $3,683,932.96 jackpot was hit in the Casino Royale in Las Vegas.

Such a huge amount of money became available on August 20th, 2014, after the company connected its Cash Connection link across Nevada and New Jersey. This gave the opportunity to offer much more to the players and make the game more exciting for gamblers and operators. The link began operating when there was $2,206,417.70 on its account, and six months later the jackpot was hit.

The possibility to open this link was available when the gaming authorities in Nevada and New Jersey approved regulations as to the allowance of multi-state slot jackpots to be connected between the states.

Dean Ehrlich, Sr. VP from Global Gaming Operations, informed that they were delighted to congratulate the winner and give him his prize. And they were delighted to share this with ARIA Resort & Casino.

Hot Shot Progressive® Video Slot is a great representative of slot machines. It offers its players 2 wheels, 42” display and 22” high-definition screen, alongside with such characteristic as free games, play mechanics and touch-interactive gaming. February was rich in jackpots (Cool Buck) for the company Bally, as on 11th February a $1.5 million prize was won in Wisconsin, in the Bally 1,000,000 Degrees slot link at Ho-Chunk Gaming Madison.

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