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The agreement between AGI and TCS John Huxley Ltd comes to an end

March 15, 2015

The agreement between AGI and TCS John Huxley Ltd comes to an end

A world famous provider of gambling software Austrian Gaming Industries GmbH (AGI) has made known to the general public its intention to cease cooperating with the company from the UK TCS John Huxley Ltd in distributing and selling Novomatic electronic table games, also famous as multiplayer games.

According to the information given by the Austrian company, the partnership will be completed on July 31st, 2015. The real motives of such intentions are left unknown to the public, as no official explanations were provided.

“As and from August, 2015 AGI will quite supervise all international sales and distribution of its multiplayer product range immediately, through its subsidiary groups in some sways and by way of certain distribution colleagues in special markets. TCS John Huxley will still hold access to software and spare parts support, via AGI customary local channels, for this NOVOMATIC (Dolphins Pearl) product range and thus can offer related services in certain designated markets,” revealed Austrian Gaming Industries GmbH.

“AGI wants to thank TCS John Huxley for its long commitment to NOVOMATIC and its market leading multiplayer product range. While circumstances now utter that AGI will now carry commercial obligation for these products back ‘in house’, the length of our co-operation with TCS John Huxley and the select relationship that our companies have partaken have been a major factor in the success of NOVOMATIC multiplayer products around the world. For that I am expressing our thanks for the enjoyable professional affair that AGI has guaranteed over the years with TCS John Huxley,” commented Mr Jens Einhaus, Sales Director from AGI.

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