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Social gaming and the changes it brings for the UK gamers

November 18, 2014

Social gaming and the changes it brings for the UK gamers

Gambling and online gaming is particularly well-spread in Britain and in Europe, especially if we compare the statistics with the United States of America. There are several reasons for that, and state legislation plays a very important role in the overall availability of online betting in the United Kingdom. A lot of corporate bodies, gaming agencies and other domestic entities make gaming in the UK a transparent and legal business. That is why British citizens can feel much more confident betting their money online in comparison to the US gamblers. Plus, tax laws in Britain are far much friendlier and more accommodating than in any other part of the globe. That is why it is not all surprising that Britain holds leading positions when it comes to innovations in the gaming industry. One the latest and important innovations in the world of games is social gaming.

Social gaming has become particularly common due to the wide availability of smartphones. As of today, practically every mobile user can stay online, download mobile gaming applications and make bets whenever or wherever he/she feels like it. In addition, social element and the ability to compete against your friends and acquaintances makes the whole process even more enjoyable.

Mobile social gaming and the operations it involves

As it was already mentioned, the primary element in the mobile social gaming is the excitement of competing with friends. Not only can users play with or against people they know, but they can also follow their friends’ scores, compare these scores with their own efforts and achievements, and post the history of their success on social networking sites, including Facebook, Twitter, etc. A lot of leaders in the gaming industry are already aware of this fact. William Hill, a trusted British gaming site, has recently acquired a new subsidiary – Sky Betting. Together, they are going to work on the improvement of mobile platforms. Another example is the acquisition of Pacific Interactive by Caesars Interactive Entertainment. Simply speaking, these trends indicate the world of games is soon to be changed. Again.

British gamers and their perception of mobile social gaming

The amazing popularity of mobile gaming can be vividly traced through such platforms as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Gamers are willingly integrating social elements in their online gaming process and share their experiences through the social gaming sites.

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