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Promotional Campaign for Responsible Betting in the UK

January 13, 2015

Promotional Campaign for Responsible Betting in the UK

The new initiative of the UK government to force people play responsible is approved by igaming brands.

The world of online gambling is becoming more and more attractive with every passing day. A lot of people choose it to spend their leisure, often forgetting about care and necessary limits. Governments are anxious about the harm that igaming can cause, so are planning to impose some legal measures to keep gamblers play responsibly.

The authorities realize that igaming providers are not indifferent to the problem and try to focus their customers on the limits in various ways. But since online gaming industry develops every day and attracts more gamblers, the certain means should be used to appease the harm and provide assistance to those who are in need of it.

According to new UK legislation such gambling brands as William Hill, Paddy Power, Ladbrokes and Carol should proceed with responsible gambling in their adverts on TV and on the Internet. The new marketing campaign was designed by the Senet Group, an independent body, although selected by gambling providers. Their idea ‘When the fun stops, stop’ is created to “focus gamblers on the existing risks and to stress the pluses of responsible playing.” Gambleaware.com.uk will be presented in a more attractive way.

Marc Etches, the chief executive officer of the Responsible Gambling Trust, greatly appreciated the initiative of igaming operators to help playing responsibly. He hoped that this will be one of the first steps towards responsible behavior by British online betting institutions. The Members of the Senet Group also acquiesced not to promote free bets and free registration on TV before 9p.m. and slot machines in shop windows.

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