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New regulations to improve safe gambling

February 25, 2015

New regulations to improve safe gambling

Supervision of gambling industry has always been among the top priorities for Europe, and the UK Gambling Commission attempts to be on equal terms with Europe in the question of responsible gaming and promotes this idea among its population. The application of some taxes and licenses also helps to strengthen the message that gamble should obligatory be responsible. In 2014 the reviewal of all the efforts made by the system was done and it showed that there are some aspects that could be changed by the gambling sphere. The gambling operators were asked to point the weaknesses of the examined version of Licensing Conditions and Codes of Practice.

The new regulations will be made known in spring and they will focus public’s attention on “social responsibility.” By the words of the UK Gambling Commission’s Chairperson Philip Graph, “We have significantly increased the social responsibility measures in our new Licensing Conditions and Codes of Practice. But we have also understood that we should do our best to prevent anonymous cash gambling in traditional casinos.”

The Chairperson wants to use the Swedish model, as it was rather successful. The UK Gambling Commission insists that all licensed providers should play fairly and give support 24 hours a day 7 days a week. It tries to make it more difficult to register on various gambling sites for children under 18 and to give more professional support to those suffering from gambling addiction. The advertisement campaigns will also be held under strict supervision.

All the measures introduced by the Commission can cost a lot, so this will obligatory influence players’ pocket.

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