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New Jungle Jim El Dorado Slot from Microgaming Coming Soon

August 23, 2016

New Jungle Jim El Dorado Slot from Microgaming Coming Soon

Microgaming have had some disappointing slot releases in recent times. The likes of Karaoke Party mobile slot and Reel Spinner slot have left fans with a big disappointment. As a result, Microgaming had to come up with a proper launch for their new slot – Jungle Jim slot. The game is set for release in the first week of September.


So far, only sneak peek about the Jungle Jim slot has been available. It shows a slot that will be largely similar to NetEnt’s hugely popular Gonzo’s Quest slot. Both slots are about finding a treasure of gold, but Jungle Jim slot tries to go for a modern look by having an Indiana Jones inspired adventurer.

All these ensure that the slot has excellent graphics, but more details about the gameplay will be available once the game comes out on September 7.

Some of the best features of this upcoming game slot:

  • Multiplier wins in cascading fashion
  • 5 reels and 25 paylines
  • Minimum/ Maximum Bet: 0.20 – 200
  • Multipliers with free spins
  • RTP of around 96-97%

Payline Advantage

Microgaming’s Jungle Jim slot comes with 25 paylines as opposed to 20 on the Gonzo’s Quest slot from NetEnt. Will this have an advantage to the player? In theory, the availability of more paylines increases the odds of a win since players can get more cascading combinations. However, this advantage seems to be negated by the increased minimum bet of 0.25 compared to 0.20. This increase will largely hinder those who want to place smaller bets in order to keep their risk to a minimum.

Interestingly, the maximum bet available on the Gonzo slot is 50, which double that of the maximum bet of 25 offered on the Jungle Jim slot. Hence, the latter will especially sound attractive for the bigger gamblers.

15x Multipliers on Free Spins

Even though it is claimed as 15x multipliers on free spins, it is highly likely that gamblers will be able to access only 10x multipliers initially. The rest will be offered as locked options which have to be unlocked as a chain reaction. Undoubtedly, the presence of 15x multipliers will be the biggest area of victory for gamblers. The sneak peek shows how it is possible to get up to 200x multipliers even on a small bet. The multipliers will be the biggest draw for those searching for Jungle Jim slots when it releases on September 7.

We believe 10 free spins is the highest number you will be able to unlock in Jungle Jim – El Dorado, as the free spin games have increased multipliers on consecutive wins starting from 3x and going up to 15x after 5 chain reactions.

The biggest wins are due to the avalanche style symbols.

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