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New casino in the UK- Casino UK

November 12, 2014

New casino in the UK- Casino UK

The new website is going to provide the citizens of the UK with the online gaming news, Information and Reviews to Real Players.

Casino UK is glad to inform about the starting of a new gambling website for the citizens of this country. It was founded by the real lifelong gambling fan Connor Reeves. The purpose of the site is to inform people about the gaming news of casino UK and gambling industry in a funny and catching manner.

Different types of online entertainment has become very popular nowadays in comparison with a few years ago. It has become known that the profit the Gambling Commission in the UK received from various gambling services and products comprised £ 14,13 million last year. And this very commission has proclaimed that it is their top priority to protect players from the cases of ‘gambling-related harm’ in 2014 and further.

Casino UK was opened aiming at protecting the players one step further and giving the customers everything necessary to help them play safely and profitably. On this site they are able to find various tips and strategies, reviews and legal advices, other info they may need to become well-aware of the steps they are doing while playing on the Internet.

This website will not only provide players with the latest news in the gambling industry, but Casino UK offers some regular features, such as tips and strategies for playing different casino games, including slot machines, roulette, craps, baccarat and others. Here you will also be able to read the reviews about the best online casinos with the detailed analysis and reviews of secure, authentic Internet gambling institutions that are located in the UK.

The creator of the website, Connor Reeves, has been engaged in gambling of various types of free casino games for the greatest part of his life. He confessed that he tried to open Casino UK on the contrary to other sites with difficult to comprehend navigation and useless tips sites that he used to play to make the life of the players easier.

Reeves said, “Casino UK is going to be the main gambling resource not only for the players from the UK, but worldwide. It would be the most exciting facility for the players to gamble in our casino, especially taking into account the fact that more and more players turn their attention from the land-based institutionsto the online establishments. We are sure to have a surge of gamblers who would like to try what the best online UK casino looks like and what kinds of services they are ready to provide.”

Reeves admitted that he would eagerly share his huge gambling experience in different types of games in online and land-based casinos with those who would like to gamble confidently and profitably.

Furthermore, Casino UK will have a special section entitled “Question and Answer” where the customers would have a possibility to ask the experts any questions they have as to the casino games, online gambling and you will obligatory get a detailed answer from the expert.

Casino UK is a reliable source of information as to the UK gambling news, tips and strategies of playing. Launched by a seasoned experienced gambler Connor Reeves, this site can be a real guide to the world of gambling for those who are searching for a perfect online establishment in the UK and would like to increase their advantage over the casino in the most profitable way.

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