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Keno Lottery

August 15, 2014

Keno Lottery

What is so special about keno

This game has come to us from Ancient China. Its history goes back more than two thousand years ago. Surprisingly, it has not lost its relevance today and is found in almost every online casino. Despite the presence of the elements of the ancient oriental culture, the game has perfectly blended the format of online gambling.

Keno is a kind of a lottery. Appearing for the first time in China, the fun was intended to raise funds for the weakened army of the state at that time. The integrity of the cities had to be preserved at all costs, but the new taxes should be avoided, because residents already were on the verge of exhaustion and frustration.

And there was an alternative option – ticket sales. These tickets had some symbols. This “action” promised decent prizes to the winners, so ther were a great amount of those wishing to try their luck. The result was not long in coming: the city was able to organize an army and to save the city thanks to the money got.

The Lottery

A new game was often called “white dove”, as these birds informed the population about the results of the lottery. Moreover, it is believed that the Great Wall of China was also built at the expense of keno. Overall, the game is quite simple. The Chinese of that era must have been incredibly surprised to learn that their so uncomplicated invention is still popular all over the world. Keno was brought to the United States by Chinese immigrants, who came to work on the railroad in the early 19th century. For these reasons, keno became known as the Chinese lottery. As mentioned above, originally it was necessary to choose the symbols instead of digits.

Only in America the symbols were replaced with numbers, because the local population did not know the meaning of Chinese images. In the 30s of the 20th century keno appeared in casinos. For keno it was a significant turning point in history. In principle, all the rules remain the same, but now there was no need to use paper, pen, take care of the safety of winning. All this undoubtedly brought comfort to this kind of leisure. Since keno is characterized by basic conditions, it quickly picked up a vast audience of fans, which at the beginning of the century was difficult to imagine. It is reasonable to assume that the game will last for a very long time and will not lose its appeal.

Terms of keno in an online casino

Let’s start with bets ranging from one to fifteen points. Next, select the successful, in your opinion, numbers. In front of you there is a box of keno numbers, a total of which is 80. A standard lottery offers to choose six numbers, keno is more loyal to the conditions in this regard. You can select one or two numbers or simply an amount not exceeding 15.

One of the basic advantages of playing online casino is the fact that the choice can be denoted simply by clicking on the numbers with the mouse. The lottery Keno becomes more dynamic and clearer, the rest ( the rules and strategies) will not change.

Payments directly dependent on the number of selected figures. The corresponding table is present on an online casino site. You need to make casino deposit if you want to get a real prize. When you made your choice, press “Play”and the game starts. The program gives the numbered balls one by one.

The task is to have a match of the numbers dropped with those you have chosen. The matched figure is labeled “Hit” and it is highlighted. The winning depends on the number of matches and on how many numbers you have defined. You do not need to keep all the combinations in mind, all the data can be found in the table of payments.

If you select one number and it fell, the bet is multiplied by three, if you select two numbers, but only one coincided – the paying is 1 to 1, and if there is a full match, then the coefficient is equal to nine. If you choose six numbers, one match will give only 50 percent of the bet, two – the whole bet, three – double bet, four – triple bet, five – the bet is multiplied by 30 and at six coincidences – by 75. If you choose 15 numbers, three –four matches will pay half of the bet, five – the whole bet, six – double the bet, coefficient 5 will be added to seven hits and etc.

If the participant is able to guess 15 out of 15, he is likely to become the owner of the jackpot, in which the bet will increase to 10 thousand times. That’s all that’s worth knowing for playing keno. It remains to wish you good luck, lots of hits and high bets!

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