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How to win jackpot on slots

November 13, 2014

How to win jackpot on slots

Bonus Slots are perhaps the most profitable for the player variety of slot machines. In these machines the total gain increases in several times due to various bonus rounds and games that allow you sometimes not only to compensate the cost of the game, but to win good money. In the bonus slot machines there is one significant (for the fans to earn in a casino) minus – the probability of winning in the bonus games is sometimes very difficult to calculate, and therefore you cannot develop some sort of a universal strategy for the bonus slot machines which would win on every spin.

The base strategy of the game for bonus online slots

The basics of the strategy to earn in a bonus slot machines is the choice of the actual machine which you will play. In terms of the chances of winning the best option is a bonus slot machine in online casinos. The choice of the machines in online casinos is usually great with a variety of bonus rounds, games and other lucrative opportunities for the player to earn more. The basic rule is to choose to play the machine with the best chances to win in the bonus rounds.

Consider, for example, such bonus option like free spins. This is the most common type of bonus in the slot machines, most often found in online casinos. For example, two very different at first glance virtual machines World Cup Mania, powered by Microgaming, the famous developer of software for online casinos, and Mermaid Millions Slot. They offer the same number of free spins (10) and the same multiplier to win free spins (x3). The same is the number of winning lines – maximum 15. On average, according to statistics, the player choosing these machines gets a chance to play a bonus round every 124 spins. And here is a bonus slot machine Moonshine which offers a much more favorable opportunities for the player and the usual ratio of the bonus rounds – an average player on this machine receives a bonus round every 75 spins. Thus, the conclusion is obvious: keeping the strategy of choosing the most profitable machines, you need to choose the ones where the chance to “open” the bonus round is higher.

The strategy to win a jackpot in the bonus slot machines

Thousands of players around the world ask the question how to win the jackpot on the slot machine. Of course, to predict exactly when the winning combination that provides the lucky player with the jackpot on a particular machine is impossible, and a universal strategy to win the jackpot does not exist. The only way to improve your chances of winning the jackpot is to select bonus machines with a higher probability of winning the big jackpot, and this is the basis of the strategy.

Chances of winning the jackpot in the most popular bonus slot machines in online casinos are approximately known, so in order to qualify for a really big win for the jackpot, it is better to play the machines in the online casino. For example, automatic Tomb Raider by Microgaming, existing for almost 10 years, still remains one of the most popular slot machines in online casinos. It offers a chance of winning the jackpot (a combination of five “wild” symbols) 1 to 1,218,559 . The number, of course, is scary, but the size of the jackpot in Tomb Raider is very impressive.

For gambling jackpot hunters the best odds of winning gives another machine from Microgamings, Cashville. Here, the odds of winning are 1 in 465,445, which is almost in three times bigger. But in order to win the jackpot on the machine Cashville, you need to stick to the strategy of big bets in a rare bonus slot machines – namely, always play the maximum number of coins bet on the maximum number of paylines.

But the most unfavorable from the point of view of winning the jackpot chances is the bonus slot machine often found in online casinos – a slot Secret Admirer. Here, a chance to open the bonus combination and win the jackpot is 1 to a record 6,097,777.

The strategy of games for conventional bonus slot machines

If you are not satisfied with many online casinos for some reason, and you prefer ordinary gambling establishments to play the slot machines, stick to the strategy of choosing the slot based on a percentage of winnings. What is this figure? Percentage of wins is the amount that the slot machine gives the players. As a rule, in most gambling winning percentage is 90-95%. This means that 90% of all the money spent on a particular machine by the players returns to the players, and 10% goes to the casino account. In some casinos this figure may reach 98% or even 99%. Thus, planning to earn with a bonus slot machine, always choose those casinos with a winning percentage of maximum. This will significantly increase your chances of profit.

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