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Five players who defeat the Casinos

October 27, 2014

Five players who defeat the Casinos

Every gambler’s dream is to beat a casino. But there are in reality people who succeeded in this with the help of some technique. Here are five names of gamblers that took away the casinos’ treasures thanks to some methods.

Fantastic skill

Gambler: Dominic LoRiggio

Casinos: almost all big USA and European casinos

Technique: controlled shooting

His nicknames are “The Man with a Golden Arm” and “The Dominator”. Mr LoRiggio is a real professional in the technique known as controlled shooting at the table of crabs. He spent years practicing and thousands of hours to shoot the rolls for a winning combination. Dominic LoRiggion explained that it was necessary to take the dice in the correct place in your hand, taking a good grip and making them land as softly as possible on the table.

Together with other shooters of the same kind he began his career in the Vegas Strip as a professional of craps. They created a team “Rosebud” and wandered about the casinos for several years, but then Dominic decided to leave to play alone. But later he cooperated with one more legendary gambler, and together they won more than tens of thousands of dollars using their controlled shooting technique.

Dexterity of hands

Gambler: Ida Summers

Casinos: casinos in Las Vegas

Technique: cool decks insertion, hand mucking

Ida Summers is a typical image of a fatale lady with attractive appearance and quick hands. She was one of the most successful dexterity of hands artists in 60s and 70s when no one can suspect a woman in such a talent. She was a real pro at blackjack in Las Vegas practicing inserting cold decks and coolers. This was the time of the mob, but Ida was rather lucky with it, which can’t be said about the FBI. Nobody knows how much she earned with her technique, but she is still known as one of the most successful cheaters.

Hidden luck or mysterious strategy

Gambler: Charlie Well

Casinos: Monte Carlo casino

Technique: unknown

Charlie Well is a famous fraud who came to Monte Carlo having only £ 4,000 that he had got from credulous investors. He came to the town, took his place at the table with European Roulette in one of the Monte Carlo casinos and remained there for eleven hours. By that time he twelve times broke the bank and got more than $15 million. As the rumors said he was successful in 20-25 rounds out of 30 games.

None could prove that he was cheating even the private investigators, although everyone was sure in this. He said that he was just lucky. The experts supposed that he used some modifications of Martingale or d’Alembert methods.

Counting cards

Gambler: Edward Thorp

Casinos: casinos worldwide

Technique: counting cards

Edward Thorp is considered to be the father of counting cards. He was a professor of math and created this profitable system. He became interested in the mathematical background of blackjack in the 60s. He analyzed billions of blackjack games via the computer and created his system of cards counting. He organized the well-known MIT Team which gained more than several millions. Thorp himself could easily win about $70,000 during one evening.

The casinos were at a loss and even asked him to leave, as they didn’t know how he managed to win so much. He published a book “Beating a Dealer” and made a successful career as a security and hedge fund manager. He became the first of seven gamblers present in the Blackjack Hall of fame.


Gambler: Louis “The coin” Colavecchio

Casinos: US casinos

Technique: Slot token cheating

In the 90s Louis Colavecchio cheated US casinos for the sum from $100,000 to $500,000. But he was not a simple player, he was a fraud. He made the tokens for the slot machines. With the necessesary metals and the press from Italy he produced so many forged tolkens that the police had to rent two storage building to keep them. His coins were of such a high quality that neither experts, nor casinos could define them. He made the deal with the police, telling them his strategy to get a light sentence.

If you like our stories and you know some other names that has beat the casinos, you are welcome to reveal them in your comments.

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