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Celebrities suffering from gambling addiction

October 3, 2014

Celebrities suffering from gambling addiction

Online casinos and other gambling institutions have recently become an increasingly popular method of pastime. Most of the online casino fans can safely and responsibly play their favorite slots or play a few hands of blackjack with friends. Almost everyone understands that this is just a game, and that the material component adds a bit of excitement. But even professional players who make a living by playing at online casinos for a long time, they know when to stop. The fact remains that not all people can stop in time, which can lead to the addiction.

This problem concerning gambling becomes particularly acute in recent years, since the development of Internet technology and the advent of virtual gambling establishments take place. Now a resident of any country who reached the necessary age may try gambling. But, it should be noted that the problem of gambling dependence concerns not only the common people, it does not passes by the celebrities.

The rich and famous people like to visit casinos, so gambling will always be in demand. Why should you close a gold-mine if the cream of society are flocking there and leave considerable sums? Politicians, businessmen, pop singers, socialites and eligible bachelors, in a word, the representatives of leading lights have always tried to spend their time with style. Someone chooses a casino on the Internet, someone goes to Las Vegas or Macau.

Some public people are professional players concurrently. For example, Ben Affleck from Hollywood is a professional poker player. Going to the casino, business stars prefer poker, black jack and roulette. But poker remains a favorite game. As with any card game, here it is necessary to apply the skills. This game is much more complicated than roulette or cards counting in black jack. Poker is quite a dynamic and exciting game. It is for poker you can often find a variety of well-known personalities, and this game is not considered something shameful, like roulette. Otherwise, poker tournaments have not received international status. Many countries have considered poker a kind of sports.

It is difficult to find another casino games that would bring a comparable income and moral satisfaction. The game of poker is the same as the victory in the competition.

Among the stars who suffer from gambling we can highlight a few of a particularly excellent quality:

George Clooney. Despite the fact that Clooney has began to play at the casino in the mature age (after the movie “Ocean’s 11”), his passion for the games turned into a real addiction. He even bought one of the casinos in Las Vegas.

Leonardo Di Caprio. Among all gambling Leo prefers to play poker. He tried carefully to conceal his gambling addiction for many years, but brave and bold paparazzi brought the actor to the clean water.

Cameron Diaz. Cameron prefers to play card games, but it should be noted that all the money won she transfers to charity. Although this fact does not diminish her dependence on the game.

Ben Affleck. Ben is a fan of illegal gaming clubs, and as it was noted by the paparazzi, he prefers to visit them at least twice a week.

Casino business is known not only for its income, but also for its visitors, who are not against supporting the industry with money. For example, take George Clooney, who has invested in the construction of a casino Las Ramblas. And in the time of filming the famous film “Ocean’s 12” the actor was playing poker with his colleagues in the film, including Brad Pitt and Michael Douglas.

As you can see, even the rich sometimes cry and suffer from gambling addiction, but no matter how innocuous it looks, this addiction is a serious disease that requires painstaking and skilled treatment.

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