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Casinos and betting shops: who wins?

February 18, 2015

Casinos and betting shops: who wins?

Britain’s greatest casino boss has besieged the betting shops for ‘destroying the high street’ and promised to attempt to influence the authorities to become stricter with disputable stable advantages of betting machines.

Simon Thomas spent $45 million to restore the London Hippodrome in Leicester Square. Now he admitted, “Gambling has always had the biggest rates and wins, so it has always been a rule that the taxes and regulations here are the most significant, and this was especially true as to the casinos. But the current situation with betting shops is rally reckless, as they have the fastest and the highest rates machines and just one staff member.”

“Any country in Europe doesn’t allow such machines to be present on the high street, they are even all banned in many countries, as they are supposed to ruin the human life. So it’s time for the British legislature to make arrangement with this situation.”

Imagine that there are about 3 thousand of stake machines in casinos and 33 thousand in betting shops. The highest bet in the casino is £5 and at the shop £100. So, all the thoughts about the dangers of gambling addiction are not so imaginary with such conditions, although the bookmakers refuse to see any connection with this.

A spokesperson in this industry stressed that casinos have a possibility to sell alcohol to their gamblers while betting shops lack this opportunity.

The member of Regulus Partners gaming consultancy Dan Waugh commented, “Before the gambling regulations were introduced, everyone worried about the rise of casinos, forgetting about other gambling possibilities.”

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