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Things for consideration to CA agencies about gambling | 777extraslot.com

April 26, 2021

Things for consideration to CA agencies about gambling | 777extraslot.com

Igaming is one of the spheres that is developing quickly now, but CA agencies experience some problems in directing it, says Harry Lang, Mecca Bingo’s head marketing.

Hunter S. Thompson, a gambler and provocateur, revealed that the main problem of gambling is not only to have fun, but to be smart. The same is with the work of an agency.

Gambling is the thing that brings the deepest emotions to everyone from happiness to despair without any drugs. That’s why it is dangerous. Even King Henry VIII was a real gambler. And now with numerous websites, mobile versions and apps, it has become even more difficult to be aside of gambling.

Due to the information of Gambling Compliance Research Service (GCRS) in 2014, gambling became more profitable to the CA by 12.2%, which is £2.31 billion. And after the introduction of a new 15% tax ‘Point of Consumption’ (POC) in December 2014, the operators will have to pay additional £400 million to the country’s budget.

GCRS also calculated that in 2015 the revenue from the gambling industry will rose by 10% to £2.83 billion and in 2016 by 13.6% to £3.22 billion.

But a lot of money still remains in the pockets of gambling operators to attract customers. And in 2015 it is not so easy to do as it was in early 2000s, so every marketing step should be calculated and planned in advance. Here are some items that should be observed by agencies.

Test online gambling with its unique language yourself, and only after that you will understand how to offer it others.

Think about the target audience and their needs. Use your imagination.

Examine the means used by you rivals and their motives.

Your offer should have something promising.

Confess that something is obscure to you.

Don’t forget about Gambling Commission’s ad rules page.

Be ready to guarantee the returns.

Just remember: if you are ready to offer better options than you competitors, you will succeed in the market.

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