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Babelfish: a new approach to online poker

February 11, 2015

Babelfish: a new approach to online poker

One of the most popular gaming software producers Microgaming appeared in the center of attention after its presentation of a new brand technology to customize ipoker software. ‘Babelfish’ is the name that the technology received after the wild translation fish from the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy’. The APN is promising to be really outstanding.

The developers of Babelfish software created a completely unique internet poker technology operating on the MPN confidently. Now the gambling providers have a possibility to move ipoker to a new step with this new software. Alex Scout, Microgaming’s head of poker, said, “Our technology will make a real overturn in the sphere of online poker.”

“Moreover, this will happen without any complex and not so cheap innovations, such as random number generators or other software,” he remarked.

As the Babelfish translator, the new technology is the means for online operators to entertain their clients in all the possible programming languages and the APN is the means to open the MPN’s liquidity pool to join all the available tournaments and online games that the Internet is rich in.

As the new software is completely altered to satisfy individual needs, the online poker can direct their attention to specific users. According to Microgaming (Queens of Hearts slot), Babelfish is capable of operating on online platforms as well as mobile devices, smart TVs and smartwatches, and game consoles.

Among the first users of Babelfish will be one of the prominent online poker providers and this will be rather soon. Alex Scout also informed, “2015 will be a year of numerous surprises that our company is going to make. Our desire is to be at the top and this is our first stair to this.”

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