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Gladiator Slot

Gladiator Slot. The Coliseum Screams for Gladiator!

The Gladiator Game will get you on edge with the wonderful payouts and thrilling opportunities it provides.

Scatter Coliseum Symbol: Gladiator Slot Rules

The Gladiator game has a scatter symbol that you can know instantly – the iconic Italian landmark, the “Coliseum”. Of course this is the finished version where gladiators used to fight, so it is not the Coliseum per se but a smaller one in a satellite city. Regardless, history apart, the Coliseum can still give you an amazing payout simply because when you match it, you trigger a bonus game that can yield you with free-spins and multipliers, making it one of the most profitable symbols of them all even if the final prize you get from it isn’t coin – it instead focuses on maximizing your profitability during the next plays.

Two Mini-Game Bonuses: Gladiator Slot Machine Game Perks

Now for the real fun part, we are going to discuss the in-game mini-games of the Gladiator slot machine. Everybody loves those bonus mini-games that get triggered when you match the bonus reel tiles, and we sure love them too.

That’s why we’re excited to tell you that not only you have one of those here, but you actually have a second mini-game that gets triggered when you match the scatter tiles. One of them gives you several stones in the arena to choose from, while the other gives you seven gladiator helmets.

The stones are the scatter game, giving you multipliers, spins and more, while the helmets hide monetary bonuses that will fill your purse with coin.

With these two bonus games, your play hours in front of this machine will no doubt be thrilling.

Be the man with no fear: Play Gladiator Free

Gladiators shivered at the thought of facing each other on the arena – or worst yet, to face the beasts Romans would unleash upon them, like the dreaded lions or even soldiers in chariots.

Now you can avoid the natural fear that comes with risk by taking the risk out of the equation and playing the Gladiator slot slot free of charge.

Now more need to worry and say goodbye to the cold sweats of risking too much by playing at your leisure using nothing but coins generated in order to empower you to play all day long with no risks attached.

The Gladiator Free Experience: When Risks are Nothing!

When risks are nothing you start to think clearly and playing slots for free is one of the best ways to familiarize yourself with how they roll, what are the most profitable moves and matches, how to bet and when to bet etc…

So, having all of this in mind we have to recommend this feature to the newbie player in order to get him ready to hit the full game.

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