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Resident Slot

Manufactured by the Igrosoft Company, Resident slot is one of the most popular slot games that you can come across. Although it is not very much different from other slot games in terms of gameplay, it is the spy-based theme of the game that keeps you glued to it.

The slot gets it name from the main character named Resident slot, who is a Soviet Union spy. Resident is on a mission to retrieve some important documents from the Third Reich and also rescue a fellow female spy named Cathie. The graphics of this slot game are sure to grab your attention as they are quite pleasing to the eye.

The rules of this slot title are quite simple to understand, and anybody can play it. This is another reason that makes it all the more enjoyable. It is also a very rewarding game, and you get a number of bonuses that keep you hooked all the time.

Playing Resident Slot – Gameplay and Rules

This slot has five reels, and you can bet on as many as nine lines. On each of the lines, you can bet on a maximum of 25 credits. To select the number of lines that you want to play, you just need to press the correct button located at the bottom of the slot. If you want to place bets on the selected line, you must press the Bet button.

As in the case of other slots, here too there are a number of different symbols with their significance. The wild reel tile in this slot game is the fire extinguisher that can substitute a number of other symbols used in the game. Most of the reel tiles that appear on the slot are relevant to the theme of the game.

If you require more help in understanding the game, there is an Info button at the bottom which you can press to find out more about how to play.

Bonus Games in ‘Resident Slot.’

You also get the opportunity to play bonus games on Resident slot provided you hit the right combos. In order to play the side-game, you must get a combination of 3 safe symbols or more. The first level of the bonus game has four safes. There are different items that can be revived from opening these safes; however, the game ends if Resident finds the dynamite. If Resident can survive, the next stage begins where there are two doors. Behind one of them is a female spy and behind the other is evil German officer. You can either take the prize you win or play the risk game.

Play this slot now and get exposed to some great fun and money.

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