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Ramses 2 Slot

Ancient Egypt is a theme that has been explored to exhaustion by casinos internationally, but it is something that keeps on giving because people are really organically attracted by the theme as thinking about ancient Egypt is the same as thinking about movies like Indiana Jones, the Mummy, The Scorpion King and great books along with great archaeological finds. All of those things had one thing in common – treasure – and that’s the core of what attracts us about this over-explored theme, or so we think.

There is nothing menial about this game, however, since it is great, a lot of fun and packs some payouts to die for.

Medium to Low Stakes: The Ramses 2 Slot Betting Scenario!

You have to wonder what does the betting scenario looks like on the Ramses 2 Slot machine, and we’ll start by disclosing just how vast the options are, starting by telling you this is a low to medium stakes game.

If on other games you may find a limited betting option scenario, in Ramses 2 you’ll be looking at a lot of betting alternatives, having to do with how many lines you want to bet on, like always, but actually adding a very wide coin betting interval that makes this game not only aimed at low stakes players but also medium players – making it even a playable title for those who are looking for high stakes slot, even though this isn’t the game’s aim. As such, pick an amount of coins per spin that suit your own level and start spinning as soon as you wish – for a big betting amount or one as low as a few cents.

Ramses 2 Slot Math: Scatter x3, Wild x2!

There are plenty of multipliers to discover and to take advantage of when it comes to the Ramses 2 Slot machine, and they basically look like it says in the header above, with these two symbols being at the core of it.

First of all, you have to know the scatter reel tile here does more than helping you trigger the free-spinning game mode, it actually gives you a multiplier of x3 for the entire duration of your free-spins!

Secondly, you’ll be looking at a different wild reel tile in this game since it not only replaces the other tiles to grant you increased odds of scoring a combo, it also doubles any payout of any match you make using one of more wilds, which is definitely a good buff for your earnings.

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