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Mega Fortune Dreams Slot

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Mega Fortune Dreams Slot

Mega Fortune Dreams Slot: Mega Jackpots for Mega Wins!

Let’s start by the Mega Fortune Dreams slot game’s feature that attracts the most players – the jackpot function and its bonus wheel game.

Well first of all let us discuss the Mega Fortune Dreams slot function. When you think about casinos and when you think about slot machines in particular, you’re thinking about bright lights, coins rolling down to your purse, the noise the slot’s reels make when they are rolling and so on – but there is a word that comes to our mind when we think about Casinos, Vegas or Slots – and that is “Jackpot”.

Jackpots are pretty attractive because they allow a lucky player to win a ridiculously huge amount of money he wouldn’t otherwise win.

Progressive jackpots are even more attractive because they keep on rising and rising till someone collects it all by a shot of pure luck – the right roll, the right match, the right time!

So, it isn’t hard to see why a slot like this is so popular – after all you can even win mini-jackpots here, which are more common but still pack a punch.

The other feature to discuss is the wheel, a bonus side game you’ll be able to play that will have a wheel with rewards written on to spin – when it stops you collect the prize written on the section the arrow is pointing to.

Mega Fortune Dreams Slot Features: Betting Options and Different Play Styles!

There’s something for everyone in the Mega Fortune Dreams slot machine game title, and proving that is the sheer amount of betting options you have to your disposal, allowing you to heavily customize your playing experience.

Of course that if you bet in fewer lines, your play style will have to be different than if you opt to bet on all of the pay lines available. The same is true when we’re talking about player profiles.

Casual players will tend to bet in fewer lines or in small stakes, betting the minimum amount of coins per pay line. On the other hand, experienced players or hardcore gamblers will bet on the most amounts of pay lines possible, and their bets may reach a big number.

Of course the stakes regulate what is the payout you receive, but the rates are always proportional, so you won’t win or lose more in percentage when you bet in either low – high stakes, so you better keep this in mind.

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