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Lucky Lady’s Charm Slot

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Lucky Lady’s Charm Slot

There are a lot of shopping or women themed slot machines out there, and if you think this I just another one then you’ll have to think again.

First of all, the graphics are really sweet and colorful, and secondly, the sounds and game play style are something that will keep you coming back for more.

Read below and try to understand the potential this Novomatic slot machine carries on its shoulders.

Lucky Lady’s Charm Slot: So you got the Lady? Perfect!

In the Lucky Lady’s Charm slot machine, the lady herself stands for any other symbol on the game, so you can consider her the wild reel tile – or the joker reel if you’re used to playing the card games more than these themed video slots.

This means getting the lady will get you the highest chance of matching something, and the more ladies you get the more chances you’ll have.

Manage to match five Ladies and you’ll be sitting on a payout that will make your jaws drop and your legs shiver.

On the other hand, the other reel tiles on this game can also be matched and their rewards also fluctuate depending on how many you manage to align.

See the Future on the Lucky Lady’s Charm Slot game’s crystal ball, or just get free spins!

The pink crystal ball in the Lucky Lady’s Charm slot machine stands for the scatter symbol, and you’ll be glad you got it because it can show you your future – you lining up with some bonus free spins and a hefty amount of coins falling out of your purse’s seams.

If this has piqued your interest, know that the free spins can be accumulated if you manage to match the pink crystal balls yet again during your free spins series.

This means you’ll be facing the possibility of winning multiple free spins and to extend your free play opportunity.

If you think it’s all a bit new and you miss that classy feel, don’t fret as the slot has a lot of classic play elements that will keep you hooked and coming back for yet another spin.

Grab your rabbit’s foot and your other amulets and prepare to hit lady luck right where it hurts in order to get the coins popping out of the machine like crazy. Once you start playing you’ll realize just what you were missing by overlooking this amazing slot machine game.

It is not surprising to see most women love this game, since it is meant for them, but you’ll be surprised to know most of its player base is composed of men – find out why!

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