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Beetle Frenzy slot

Beetles were never this fun: Beetle Frenzy slot

If you love insects, beetles and nature itself and you happen to be a slot machine player, combine your both passions with Beetle Frenzy.

Hello there bug catcher! Do you wish to experience the best online casinos have to offer in a low stakes way and with a setting to die for? If so, then consider taking a peek at Beetle Frenzy, a slot game that aims to calm you and soothe you with the images and sounds of nature, while putting you on your feet with a scream of triumph every time you earn a substantial payout.

If we would have to make up a slogan for it, it would be “Naturally Fun!”

Fireflies, the Wild Symbols on the Beetle Frenzy Slot:

If you know about slot machine games you know most of the times there is a wild symbol to take into consideration.

These symbols are symbols that pay nothing by themselves but can replace any other reel tile in the game to give you a winning matching combination – so they are one of the most powerful reel tiles in the game.

The wild reel in this game is the Firefly, and though they aren’t animated, they’ll light up and flash when you match them – make them work for you and you’ll get a lot more than your original bet back.

Three Reels, Four Reels, Nine Reels: Beetle Frenzy Slot Features

The Beetle Frenzy machine is a pretty complex game, though it appears simple and plain at first.

If you look at the slot machine you will think this is your average classic model with three reels. You are wrong, however, because the game’s reels spin in an independent way, making Beetle Frenzy actually work more like a 9 reel model.

However, there is also a bonus present in the game that gets triggered when you match certain conditions (make sure to read the pay table for the full instructions) and when this bonus gets triggered, you’ll get a four reel slot spinning – so as you can see, there’s more to Beetle Frenzy than you may initially expect.

Playing Beetle Frenzy Free: Enjoying and Sightseeing

If you just want to “sightsee” and enjoy the best Beetle Frenzy has to offer, then know you can play this amazing slot machine game for free and with no risks attached – just for fun.

Tackle those nasty bugs and make them line up for amazingly generous payouts, and you’ll leave the slot with a full coin purse.

Riskless fun can be achieved: Jump on the Beetle Frenzy Free Bandwagon

Not everything is about money and sometimes you just want to experience these beautifully designed games – for those occasions, you’ll want to play for free.

We have no objections and we’re happy to tell you that you can do that with no problem.

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