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How to deposit to a virtual casino

How to deposit to online casino account: different ways of deposit, advantages and disadvantages

In order to be able to play slot machines for real money, you need to make first casino deposit. Those who are constantly working with such systems (not necessarily within the game), will cope without any problems for sure. But for the newcomers the system will seem confusing, cumbersome and daunting. But do not be afraid, in fact it's simple. Here we’ve described the principles of depositing any money into your casino account with your credit card, bank transfer, electronic payment systems, as well as terminal and even SMS.

First of all, select the casino. This can be easily done by viewing the list of the best online casinos. Better to choose the one where the customers are guaranteed the round the clock support, and there is a wide range of gambling.

Now, it's the time of registration. To do this, you need to find the appropriate button on the interface. After pressing it, you will be offered to fill in the questionnaire. Be careful, the reliability of this information will depend on the possibility of getting your winnings. It should be exactly the same data as your passport and other official data are. The casino owners will not disclose it in any case, as it will create a huge anti-advertising for them. But if you win a jackpot, the casino will be able to use any possibility not to pay the money including the questionnaire completed improperly. Please note, the game is allowed only if you have reached the age of majority.

After filling in the form at the casino, somewhere on the screen you will see a button "Deposit". However, it may be referred to in a different way. Then you’ll get in your hands a list or a set of icons that represent those payment methods that are accepted. This can be a transfer, the use of VISA / MasterCard, instant transaction, the use of an electronic payment system, or an iBox, or SMS.

The use of electronic payment systems

This option will be faster in the case if you take your time and you do not have an account in the electronic system. In the casino cashier you should choose the appropriate option to deposit and enter standard data about you for this procedure: name, security code, card number and so on. Do not forget to specify the amount, check the currency and make a payment. In this case, the money will also be immediately credited.

Significant disadvantage of credit cards is the fact that they cannot be used to withdraw the wins. So, in your spare time create an account in the electronic payment system - it is an effective mediator between the game and your bank. The only exception is the system Skrill (Moneybookers).

Payment Terminals

This method is traditionally not very popular, but sometimes other ways are not so simple. To implement it, you need to select the appropriate item on the casino site. Next, choose the amount you want to make and carefully record the data that the casino will provide you with for the payment. Then, you will need to find the right iBox in the city to deposit money and to keep a check. In some cases, the casino will ask you to send the scanned copy of the receipt via e-mail (thanks God, not always). The deposit may be different in speed from a few minutes to a couple of days.

The minus of the method is that many casinos do not practice it at all. Therefore, it is better to keep in reserve other options.

Payment via SMS

This option is useful in case of high urgency. However, it can be used when other options are just absent. To implement it, you need to find the appropriate item in the box office and then send the SMS to a specified number (or more). Many players have this kind of experience, so there aren’t many difficulties with this. Take into account the fact that the time question is also present in this method. In some cases, the money will be on the account almost immediately, and sometimes their enrollment will take a few working days. However, the second case is much rarer.

By the way, the casino always takes into account the VAT and tries to compensate it with a bonus - so you do not lose anything. And, of course, do not forget that to withdraw the winning in this way would be impossible.

Here we have described in details the most common ways to deposit game accounts in online casinos. If this information isn’t enough for one reason or another, or you have any unforeseen technical difficulties - please contact the technical support. Casinos are interested in the players and there you are sure to meet an immediate response and the optimal solution to any problem related to the payment. You can also specify an opportunity and timing of a prize receipt. Do not forget to pay special attention to the bonus program.

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