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Blood Suckers slot

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Reviewing the Blood Suckers Slot

If you want to play Blood Suckers, then you must check this review out first!

blood suckers slot

You may have heard about a slot game that has been turning a lot of casino players into vampire casino players, and that’s why we decided to publish this Blood Suckers Slot game review – in order for you to know what the fuss is all about.

If you think this game’s developers were affected by the Hollywood fever about the vampires and werewolves things, you are dead wrong – pun intended – because werewolves have no place here, and only the dark kings make an appearance.

The vampire that features in this game isn’t a twilight vampire either, as it is menacing, threatening, violent and doesn’t shine when exposed to the sun – it just dies a horrible burning death.

Bear in mind you can even play Blood Suckers free!

Bonus Games are Supposed to be Fun: This one is!

One of the main features of almost any slot machine game is its bonus mini-game. Some have these mini-games, while some simplify them in a way that leaves most players angry when they hit the lucky bonus reels.

This bonus game, however, is a lot of fun since it capitalizes on the darkness of the player. You’ll find yourself roaming a graveyard in order to find and assassinate the vampires as they are stuck in their slumber.

Once you open the coffin, two outcomes are possible – either you open it and it is devoid of any body and the bonus spree ends, or you’ll open it to reveal a night wandered sleeping inside – you’ll stake him with a wooden stick and leave him to die, proceeding to the next coffin and accumulating earnings.

Scatter has someone scattering:

If you usually play slots, you’ll know that most machines have the scatter reels on them in order to make things interesting and provide some bonus moves free of charge. Well, in the Blood Suckers slot game the word “Scatter” has some meaning into it, as it packs a woman “Scattering for her life!” as she flees vampires in a terrified way.

Look at the terror on her expression and hear her high pitch scream in order to realize you just made your right choice in game.

All in all, this game is pretty serious in what comes to giving you the immersion you need to play a gothic vampire themed slot game as it delivers in graphics, sound and environment.

Now you can even play Blood Suckers slot free, so jump on the bandwagon and see what is it all about.

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